Stiffened In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Stiffened | Stiffened Sentence

  • She stiffened herself.
  • Larry stiffened again.
  • He stiffened at that.
  • Madame stiffened in her chair.
  • Stafford stiffened in his chair.
  • Pride stiffened his will and backbone.
  • He stiffened his lips.
  • Marjorie stiffened with anger.
  • Martin stiffened with surprise.
  • I stiffened a trifle.
  • Hawksley stiffened in his chair.
  • Ruth stiffened visibly.
  • What he read stiffened him.
  • My back is stiffened up.
  • Jo stiffened visibly.
  • The exhorter stiffened up.
  • Paulette stiffened as if she froze.
  • Adown the stiffened side!
  • Honor stiffened visibly.
  • Roland stiffened in his chair.
  • Caleb stiffened visibly.
  • His smile stiffened on his lips.
  • I stiffened and rose to my feet.
  • Offense stiffened the figure under the cloak.
  • Babbacombe stiffened at the callous question.
  • The chiefs stiffened as they sat.
  • But the girl stiffened in her seat.
  • Then he stiffened with a new fear.
  • They both stiffened at that electric contact.
  • Hamlen stiffened at the suggestion of interference.
  • Chatterton stiffened to attention as he listened.
  • The visitor stiffened in his chair.
  • Her body stiffened rigidly.
  • The lady stiffened in her starch.
  • Maclise stiffened in haughty surprise.

How To Use Stiffened In A Sentence?

  • His arm stiffened under her hand.
  • Her knees stiffened in anger.
  • That something inside me stiffened up.
  • Adelle stiffened and threw on high speed.
  • He stiffened every muscle to no purpose.

Definition of Stiffened

simple past tense and past participle of stiffen
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