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  • Infra-stigmatal: situated below the stigmata or spiracles.
  • These stigmata are small, tinged with red and rather difficult to distinguish.
  • Madonna and Saints, Francis receiving Stigmata (lunette) 1526.

How To Use Stigmata In A Sentence?

  • In the centre Christ is depicted with uplifted hands, on which are the stigmata of the Passion.
  • It is not within the power of everybody to acquire stigmata or to become cured of a paralysis pronounced incurable.
  • Among these stigmata were enumerated every conceivable extreme variation of every identifiable part of the human anatomy.
  • I do not know where the stigmata are placed; they have evaded my investigations, though these were undertaken with the aid of the microscope.
  • Moral strife, as well as legal penalties, would bear all the stigmata of unmitigated, imbecilic cruelty.
  • If for no other reason than the prominent place they hold in art, it would not be right to pass by the Stigmata without a special mention.
  • America as a great nation will die, as all coward civilisations have died, unless she accepts the stigmata of sacrifice, which a divine opportunity again offers her.
  • Except that it failed, the Associated Booksellers' Trading Union had all the stigmata of success.

Definition of Stigmata

plural of stigma
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