Still At In A Sentence

How To Use Still At In A Sentence?

  • An hour had now elapsed, and we were still at the station.
  • Here, excitement was still at fever heat.
  • My heart stands still at the thought of when next we meet.
  • In fact, he is still at the bottom of the ladder.
  • There were still at least 35,000 men on the field.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Still At | Still At Sentence

  • Jones was still at it.
  • They are still at it.
  • For he is still at liberty.
  • Brace was still at his studies.
  • Hansen was still at the helm.
  • Bob was still at the wheel.
  • Edith was still at the telephone.
  • It was a nuisance his being still at school.
  • He is still at the old game.
  • All was quiet and still at the castle.
  • The carriage is still at your door.
  • The nurse was still at her back.
  • I laugh still at the remembrance.
  • Everyone stood still at his post.
  • The paper knife was still at work.
  • I was still at a loss to conjecture my destiny.
  • That unknown wretch was still at large.
  • Are you still at work upon my interests?
  • My brigade is still at work on the fortifications.
  • The house grew very still at length.
  • The children on earth are still at school.
  • Holds like natures still at distance.
  • I fancy the carriage is still at the door.
  • The whole group were still at the corner.
  • My heart stands still at the very thought of it!
  • The men at the table were still at their meal.
  • I was still at a sickening distance from the ground.
  • Entering the kitchen they found the others still at table.
  • The perverse spirit was still at work within me.
  • After much talking we were still at a loss what to think.
  • The surveyors were still at work surveying the streets.
  • The big folio he had been reading was still at its side.
  • The canoe was still at the house-boat steps.
  • Night came and found the boy still at his place.
  • My flesh creeps still at the way she looked at me.
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