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  • Perhaps we were still being observed.
  • The war then was still being carried on.
  • The wounded were still being passed to the rear.
  • He sat still, being sad.
  • It's still being borrowed.
  • To them the wounded wherever they were found were still being carried.
  • The bridge head is still being held and there is now a pause in the fighting.
  • In his family everything was still being done to try and dissuade him.
  • The harvest of this evil sowing is still being reaped at the present day.
  • Still, being a surgeon on one of them wasn't too bad.
  • After fifty years, only a tiny percentage are still being sold.
  • We have breathing space, but they, poor devils are still being thundered at.
  • And thus is the unconscious prophecy of Pilate still being fulfilled.
  • Still a thick fog, and we hear that Belgrade is still being bombarded.
  • For instance, I had to find out whether I was still being followed.

How To Use Still Being In A Sentence?

  • Many such sewers are now in existence, and some such are still being constructed.
  • That part of it represented by the fabulous collections was still being protected by the police.
  • No doubt suns and systems are still being sent out completed on their limitless circles.
  • From the year 1441 to 1500 legacies were still being given towards the building.
  • He dared not write asking her for this, for he was certain her mail was still being scrutinized.
  • We belonged to Besancon, which was still being besieged in spite of the armistice.
  • Still, being of the material from which heroes are made, Jack bore himself doughtily.
  • Mrs Saxton was still being kept under strict surveillance, but she, too, was lying very low.
  • The attempt was still being made to manage a great railway from London, three thousand miles away.
  • Islands, as we have seen, are still being born in Glacier Bay and elsewhere to the northward.
  • Here and there a flickering light showed that hasty preparations were still being made in a few houses.
  • Of course, there are some works that are still being exploited commercially long after their publication date.
  • A brood of wood thrushes which left their nest about the same time was still being fed by their parents about the place.
  • Scientists tell us that coal is still being made, but it will take thousands of years to perfect it.
  • It was very evident that there was some abnormal distribution of the nerve, as sensation was still being conveyed to that part of the foot.
  • The etheric body still being present causes that past life to appear as a vivid and comprehensive panorama.
  • The solicitor had told him that the place was still being cultivated, in accordance with a compromise agreement between the litigants.
  • The wounded were still being taken away by ambulance and wagon, assorted and picked over like fruit.
  • Still, being assured that it had been given to her to walk with celestials, her future course was only a natural sequence.
  • I know that many of the ignorant people of the country believe that this war is still being prosecuted with every hope of success.
  • Thus he was able to raise his paintings to the highest possible pitch of purity, while still being preoccupied with nature.
  • Bathing mantles like those of the 1870s were still being worn by the late 19th century and these were frequently trimmed with colored braid.
  • The cavalry spared a few dozen charges for the men within and a small celebration was started to express their pleasure at still being alive.
  • Still, being human, the less lofty and conscientious side of me does like to know there is some one who wishes to please me.
  • I have been in excellent health during the whole journey, and am so still, being merely worn out from want of food and water.
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