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Definition of Stimulation

A pushing or goading toward action. | An activity causing excitement or pleasure. | (biology) Any action or condition that creates a response; sensory input.

How To Use Stimulation In A Sentence?

  • Yet the implication that he needed distraction or stimulation would have angered him.
  • The physical stimulation is produced by physical proximity of a member of the opposite sex.
  • Cells which respond easily in certain states may need the strongest stimulation in others.
  • Against all stimulation of this surface we are then bound, from knowledge and theory, to object.
  • When the digestion requires stimulation and aid, a glass of mild ale twice a day will be useful.
  • This, consequently, will introduce frugality, and be a necessary stimulation to industry.
  • The faculty which it seemed most likely that they could increase by stimulation was that of hearing.
  • Wilson stretched himself out and gave himself up to the warm influx of life which came with the stimulation from the drink.
  • Never had he experienced such a stimulation of his whole being, such an unbridling of his blind instincts.
  • It may be generally stated that this inflammatory disease arises from unnatural stimulation of the kidneys.
  • It now required artificial stimulation to induce him to display even a temporary interest in his surroundings.
  • It used to be said that the alcoholic stimulation neutralized the depressant effect of snake poisoning on the heart.
  • Is the instinct susceptible to stimulation under all conditions during the season of reproduction, or only under some well-defined condition?
  • The stimulation of good conversation in mixed groups has a favorable effect on the emotional life of women as well as men.
  • What they need more than anything else, however, is exercise that will bring about a stimulation of the circulation in their feet.
  • It is quite true, as these theorists claim, that monotonous stimulation of the senses produces sleep.
  • If it lacked the stimulation and color of city life, it was, at least, a healthy and honest existence.
  • In reading the very few details of her life we feel the stimulation as of watching one who, in a desperate fight, wins against great odds.
  • It must be borne in mind that, throughout this period of immaturity, errors of nutrition or defective stimulation may interfere with function.
  • The colour, the movement, the sensation of living in a world where every one was fabulously wealthy, was at once a stimulation and a despair.
  • In short, stimulation and destruction demonstrate, by experiments which supplement each other, that mental functions correspond to brain functions.
  • Every atom of my blood tingled with natural happiness as I have felt it in later days, under the stimulation of good wine.
  • This war hasn't had as much action, variety, and stimulation for us as I would like.
  • The sexual stimulation may be sub-divided into two general categories, i.e., conscious sexual stimulation and subconscious sexual stimulation.
  • In such a life, all the energies of the brain and nervous system are directed to the support of nutrition and the stimulation of the muscular system.
  • You see the anatomical specimen, the precipitate in the chemical reaction, the contraction of the muscle as the result of the stimulation of its nerves.
  • There is nothing more difficult to communicate on paper than this baseless ardour, this stimulation of the brain, this sterile joyousness of spirits.
  • Its basic idea is stimulation to settlement of differences by the parties in conflict, and the enlistment of public opinion toward enforcing that method of settlement.
  • If one could experience this stimulation without any reaction, it might be advisable, especially for those who need just such stimulation at just such a time.
  • We start with the appropriate organic condition under which, when adequate stimulation is provided, the disposition to secure a territory comes into functional activity.
  • In a parallel line comes the effective aid by the stimulation of hope and the suppression of fear, by suggestion of a feeling of encouragement and the inhibition of the emotions of worry.
  • I have never suffered from any illness in my life, save fleeting attacks of cephalalgia, the result of too prolonged a stimulation of the centres of cerebration.
  • Accordingly, nutrient food, that is adapted to the wants of the system, imparts a healthy stimulation to the salivary glands during the process of mastication.
  • The stimulation of excretion through the kidneys and skin may be an exceedingly important thing, particularly if one has just caught a cold and wishes to establish free excretion.
  • In the latter sense, thought involves an intensification of the powers of observation, an awakening of memory, a general stimulation of all the faculties.
  • His therapeutic effort is therefore not even directed towards a careful rebuilding of the injured parts of the mind, but it is nothing more than a general stimulation to the mind to help itself.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Stimulation | Stimulation Sentence

  • Public speaking, stimulation of migration by, 27-28.
  • The stimulation is supplied by the salts also secreted by these glands.
  • These forces lie dormant, and simply need stimulation and development.

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