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  • Stirling gave me luncheon.
  • Stirling took the risk.
  • Stirling was very often lucky in that way.
  • Died in Stirling in 1794.
  • Brindley and Stirling were laughing.
  • Mr. Stirling understood that.
  • At a glance Stirling took in the situation.
  • Without interruption Stirling gained the deck.
  • Do find her, Stirling.
  • Mr. Stirling watched them intently.
  • It was Stirling emerging from the conning-tower.
  • Mr. Stirling realized that it was only too likely.
  • Miss Stirling brought us all to the door.
  • Stirling, 113, 173, 174.
  • The word was "Stirling".
  • Mr. Stirling watched an amber leaf sail to the ground.
  • His name is Stirling Deane.
  • We walked home from the dancing with Miss Stirling.
  • We may find that Stirling Deane was at the back of that.
  • And she saw that Mr. Stirling was convinced also.
  • He took them one day to pay court to the King at Stirling.
  • Mr. Stirling became aware that Janey was lost in amazement.
  • Besides, I have no idea how rich you are, Stirling.
  • I sat between Stirling-Maxwell and Pender.
  • Very well, Stirling," she said, "let it be so.
  • Stirling, Alexander, Earl of, 72.
  • Maxwell-Stirling, 148, 157, 172, 183, 208.
  • Stirling!
  • Stirling.
  • Presently Mr. Stirling gave Mrs. Stoddart his hand.
  • Stirling won't be coming now.
  • And Stirling?
  • Stirling was then told to hold one end of the second and third sections.
  • Co. Stirling.
  • Stirling was the first to speak; he turned to the others in amazement.
  • Logie, St. Woloc (Logie, Stirling).
  • He apologized profusely to Stirling for having committed such a solecism.
  • But Stirling was too clever to submit unduly to the influence.
  • James Stirling," she said.

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  • Stirling, cool and collected, gave no sign of the potential alertness that possessed him.
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