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  • Why is the stirrup so called?
  • Medium length of stirrup for common riding.
  • He raised from the stirrup and slashed the boot.
  • She put her foot in the stirrup and vaulted to the saddle.
  • Tired men were helped by a grip on the stirrup leather.
  • A wooden stirrup may be cut or burnt out of a block.
  • The breath of the runner at my stirrup came in great sobs.
  • Outside Bertrand was holding his stirrup for him.
  • You lost a stirrup when Dixy shied.
  • Awhile he hung by the stirrup and was dragged over the trampled field.
  • She turned her face away and busied herself with a stirrup leather.
  • His foot was in the stirrup when a quick rush sounded behind him.
  • I grasped his bridle-rein, and held the stirrup while you mounted.
  • From time to time the horses snorted, or a stirrup struck against a stirrup.
  • As Wallie put his foot into the stirrup for the first time his face relaxed.
  • Black Lamoral was saddled, and Diccon held the stirrup for me to mount.
  • Hunt Rennie still held his position, riding stirrup to stirrup with Drew.
  • His foot was in the stirrup when he heard Clayton's voice calling.

How To Use Stirrup In A Sentence?

  • He noticed the slickers on the saddles and the carbines under the stirrup leathers.
  • Princes kiss his feet and hold the stirrup for him as he mounts his bedizened palfrey.
  • Putting a foot in the stirrup he swung the weight of his body upon the poor horse.
  • With his foot in the stirrup he made the cord taut and set the shaft in position.
  • She put further sweetness and body into the stirrup cup by stirring honey and barley meal into it.
  • The ground was broken and rocky here and the snake-like cactus caught at his stirrup leathers.
  • Here he turned, placed his back against the wall and made a stirrup of his clasped hands.
  • He halted when he felt the stirrup strap drag, turning half around to see what was wrong.
  • Then a black horse swept so close to Peter that the stirrup stripped the buttons from his tunic.
  • That meant fortune, reconciliation with the Bishop, putting his foot in the stirrup of honours.
  • Every time I set foot in the stirrup he went up in the air, pitched, and bucked and sun-fished.
  • He shoved his foot into its stirrup and as he leaped into the saddle his revolver jumped out into his hand.
  • But if the stirrup is large and heavy, it is next to impossible that the foot should be caught by it.
  • This is the track of a right foot, made while he was standing reaching for the stirrup with the left.
  • Its sides were swollen at the stirrup where the spurs had pricked it, and the corners of its mouth were raw and bleeding.
  • A good horseman will find a powerful weapon at hand by unhitching his stirrup leather and attached stirrup from the saddle.
  • He caught the stirrup that he had lost, wiped the mist from his eyes, and settled himself deep in the saddle.
  • They have them billeted on us, curse them, and the villains are in the coachhouse polishing their bits and stirrup irons.
  • Moreover, their rifles were not strapped beneath the stirrup leathers, but were carried across the pommels of the saddles.
  • Slavens spoke sharply to the animal, bending to draw up the girth, the stirrup thrown across the saddle.
  • Then, in spite of angry protests that ended in tears, he cinched her little feet from stirrup to stirrup.
  • You stand in the right stirrup and work the left loop up, then you stand in the left stirrup and work the right loop up.

Definition of Stirrup

Referring to women's pants, a form of trousers commonly worn by women that includes a strap beneath the arch of the foot. | A ring or hoop suspended by a rope or strap from the saddle, for a horseman's foot while mounting or riding. | (anatomy) A stapes.

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