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  • Angus lengthened the stirrups and swung up.
  • Phil rose in his stirrups and gained a further view.
  • Another rose in his stirrups and sniffed the air.
  • He stood in his stirrups and looked back.
  • He rose up in his stirrups and shouted with joy.
  • I arose in the stirrups and searched the bank for the boat.
  • Her feet lost the stirrups and she began to scream.
  • Gordon was rising in his stirrups with the regularity of a machine.
  • They have stirrups so short that they seem to be floating above the racers.
  • I arose in the stirrups and wiped the sweat off my face with my sleeve.
  • Nine out of ten wear their stirrups too short, so their knees are hunched up.
  • Down the road a riderless horse was coming, head up and stirrups flying.
  • His saddle is capacious, with broad stirrups in the form of an open shoe.
  • The fine workmanship of the saddle, bridle, and stirrups was noticeable.
  • In the Coularon system, the stirrups are inclined as in fig.
  • As for Stephen, he stood high in his stirrups and stared down at the girl.
  • The Commander-in-Chief rose in his stirrups and peered afar.
  • How do you ride--with yore stirrups tied?

How To Use Stirrups In A Sentence?

  • He raised himself in his stirrups and as his hand went up he fired for the third time.
  • I rose in the stirrups and whooped like the wildest savage that ever scalped a settler.
  • I will take up the stirrups a hole, then you will get your knees firmer against the blanket.
  • He sprang into the saddle, not waiting to adjust the stirrups to his long legs.
  • The stirrups are very long, and right underneath you, which throws back the feet.
  • I rose in my stirrups and shook my youthful fists at the hills beyond the Gauley.
  • Will he fasten us to the stirrups of his horse and drag us to Laon all six in a line?
  • A few saddles were suspended by their stirrups from pegs driven in the logs that formed the side walls of the apartment.
  • The attorney bumped in his saddle, but kept his stirrups and gradually found his hands and eyesight.
  • Durham stood up in his stirrups and shouted to them to come back, but he might as well have called to the wind.
  • He raised himself in the stirrups and looked across the prairies, shading his eyes with his hand the way he had seen some of the cowboys do.
  • Gabe and his brother added to the effect of numbers by clattering the stirrups of the horses, so that the clearing seemed alive with armed men.
  • That was called the stirrup-horn, because after they drank it the men put their feet to the stirrups and sprang upon their horses and started.
  • He stood in the stirrups and shook off the thick layer of snow which clung, damp and close-packed, to his coat.
  • Jean merely turned and rode around to where Lite eased his long legs in the stirrups and waited her pleasure.
  • When stirrups are used, they consist of wood covered with leather; but stirrups and saddles are conveniences reserved for women and old men.
  • He was one of the old school, rode with longer stirrups than the modern jockeys, although he had in a measure conformed to the crouching seat.
  • Not until some minutes later did Pasha notice that the stirrups were dangling empty and that the bridle-rein hung loose on his neck.
  • His shoes, from the knee to the tip of the toe, were embossed with gold worth three hundred cattle; and his stirrups also were of gold.
  • Lincoln had told a friend that he would hold McClellan's stirrups for the sake of victory.
  • Then she took him into a third room, where was a beautiful Arab steed whose saddle, stirrups and bridle were studded with precious stones.
  • Three hundred yards from the corral they pounded out of an arroyo, and Charley, who was leading, stood up in his stirrups and looked keenly ahead.

Definition of Stirrups

plural of stirrup
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