Stirs in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Stirs

1. It stirs me now to recall it. 🔊

2. Nothing stirs so much excitement. 🔊

3. It stirs you and it leaves you cold. 🔊

4. That stirs you, does it! 🔊

5. Her haughty spirit stirs within her. 🔊

6. His meek submission stirs your hate? 🔊

7. The sap stirs now, ye say? 🔊

8. Faithfulness to Christ stirs opposition. 🔊

9. And, though It stirs not, dominating all. 🔊

10. She stirs the soup with one hand and manicures me with the other. 🔊

11. Whose Music Stirs the Blood of Warring Italy. 🔊

12. One's blood stirs to look at it. 🔊

13. Some nomadic or migrating instinct or reminiscence stirs within me. 🔊

14. How the sound of them in after years stirs the blood and quickens the pulse! 🔊

15. Nothing else stirs the worst of human passions as does sexual jealousy. 🔊

16. The sound of busy life stirs you as the drum stirs the fiery war-horse. 🔊

17. The bath, the cloying sweetness of duplicity, stirs amidst trenchant eyes. 🔊

18. As Witch stirs and sings, the Ogre, stalking to the side, calls. 🔊

How to use Stirs in Sentences?

1. The protoplasm stiffens in excessive cold, but when the thermometer rises, life stirs again. 🔊

2. It represents the tender emotion which stirs my bosom whenever I utter that sweet name. 🔊