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  • How do stockholders expect to be refunded?
  • I believe our stockholders will back us up.
  • Goulard Have any stockholders sold out?
  • The Canadian stockholders put up what money they could.
  • At the end of its second year it paid its stockholders one hundred per cent.
  • Such a precaution would not cost the Stockholders a tenth of one per cent.
  • Figger on freezin' out the stockholders and buyin' 'em out for a song.

How To Use Stockholders In A Sentence?

  • Under these conditions the stockholders are assessed whenever money is needed.
  • I have to maintain in order to protect the property of my stockholders from annihilation.
  • Scattergood had a list of stockholders in the pulp company and knew they were worried.
  • Many letters came from stockholders protesting vigorously against a continuation of the strike.
  • Moreover, the stockholders and managers, for the most part, were his political opponents.
  • A state senator is one of the largest stockholders in Coney Island resorts of bad character.
  • The names of the stockholders of the Reserve Company were all strange to Caleb save one.
  • Perhaps it may be to assess the stockholders for the purpose of keeping the little land they have, if they have any.
  • The profits of the stockholders consist of the excess of money received for premiums over the amount paid out for losses.
  • The stockholders had really acted for the preservation of their own property, my own means having been already swamped in the undertaking.
  • It cost thirty thousand dollars, and the boys who delivered the messages made more out of it then than the stockholders did.
  • The old course was changed in several localities, the charter permitting the stockholders to choose their route.
  • The majority of my stockholders were careful to remain away, thus leaving a very bare appearance in the proscenium boxes.
  • It can establish banks or buy controlling interests in existing banks, many of which pay their stockholders 15 per cent.
  • It was deemed expedient to admit stockholders into some share of the government, and something like a "boom" was started.
  • The salary would not in any case absorb the entire saving made to the stockholders of the railroad and to the public by the reforms introduced.
  • Mr. MacDonald would no more give his consent to the swindling of innocent stockholders by their trustees, than he would rob an apple-stand.
  • At the period of his government cattle were very scarce in the colony, and the stockholders were very tenacious of allowing their cows to be milked, from the injury which it did the calves.
  • Daughters there must be, indeed, among the many stockholders in that big business, but they were not available in the Bad Lands.
  • Why, only two days before his disappearance, he deliberately kept one of our largest stockholders waiting an hour while he chatted with a building porter!
  • She was sure, if they had never started this telegraphic company, they might have struggled through the winter, but now there were stockholders and creditors and she did not know what all.
  • The Stockholders should look to this and vote for no man that they do not know to be warmly in favor of an active prosecution of the work to an early completion.
  • Men may well say that if they are to be robbed it had better be by a corporation, where innocent stockholders will receive part of the benefit, than by dishonest officials of government.
  • But from the average number and amount of losses annually for many years, companies are enabled so to fix the rates of insurance as to give the stockholders a fair profit on their capital.
  • My business is to run the Northeastern as economically as is consistent with good service and safety, and to give the stockholders the best return for their money.
  • I believe no one, unless it be the stockholders of one or two old lines, regrets that all telegraphic and telephonic communication in this country has been taken under the control of the government.
  • It was not entirely distinct, because the room could not be fully darkened and the current was not strong, yet every face in the gathering of stockholders could be plainly recognized.

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plural of stockholder
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