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  • We should not, therefore, say that the bad stocks are replacing the good stocks.
  • The old stocks are now moved to a new place, and managed according to the previous directions.
  • Railroad stocks are of such varied character that it is impossible here to make more than general statements.
  • The nuts from which the stocks are grown are planted over strips of mosquito netting, the netting being some distance below the level of the nuts.
  • There began the feud which to-day continues to divide our language, though the descendants of the primitive stocks are inextricably mingled.
  • Fighting stocks, and peoples largely made up of fighting stocks, are naturally killed out, and the field is left to the unwarlike.
  • Many stocks are not worth accepting as a gift: like a horse or cow, incurably diseased, they will only prove a bill of vexatious expense.
  • Stocks are too often listed simply for speculative purposes, and the price represents not so much the value of the property as the pitch of the speculation at the time.
  • If strong stocks are deprived of a portion of their combs, so that they cannot from natural sources, at once begin to refill all vacancies, they too must be fed.
  • It must, however, be pointed out that, even assuming that the facts are as stated; it is a hazardous assumption that the best stocks are necessarily the stocks of high social class.
  • Railroad stocks are its favorite cards to bet upon, for their valuation is liable to constant fluctuation on account of weather, crops, new combinations, wars, strikes, deaths, and legislation.
  • And this successful multi-millionaire replied quietly, "Stocks are going up because I am buying them and every other intelligent capitalist is buying them.
  • State stocks are purchased and held not only by capitalists in this country, but by many in Europe.
  • These stocks are taken by men who have large sums of money to lend, and who consider the state a responsible debtor; because, if it has no other sufficient means of paying its bonds, the legislature has power to raise the money by taxation.
  • Morris(12), Benton(3), MacDaniels(11), Wilkinson(25), and others have shown that a greater per cent of survival is secured when the stocks are cut 10 days to 2 weeks before grafting.
  • It often happens, when a large number of stocks are kept, that in spite of all precautions, some of them are found in the Spring, so greatly reduced in numbers, that if left to themselves, they are in danger of falling a prey to the devouring moth.
  • It is true that during the last summer some slight political bias was supposed to be hidden beneath that popular headpiece irreverently styled "a Greeley plug," but then stocks are not politics, nor would any but a punster trace an intimate connection between hats and polls.
  • Such however, are the discouragements and losses necessarily attending the use of any hive which does not give the control of the combs, that there will be few who do not continually find that some of their stocks are too feeble to be worth the labor and expense of attempting to preserve them over Winter.
  • The tops of the budded stocks are by some left uncut until the August or September following; but a gardener of much experience in the Colony makes it a rule to cut his tops off immediately, as the buds strike much sooner with this practice.
  • Often those that return from the fields, instead of entering the hive with that dispatchful haste so characteristic of a bee returning well stored to a prosperous home, linger about the entrance with an idle and very dissatisfied appearance, and the colony is restless, long after the other stocks are quiet.
  • In connection with the object of this paper--the study of Indian migrations--several linguistic stocks are mentioned, and the linguistic affinities of a number of tribes are given.
  • Abijah's folks warn me against lettin' John's folks have it, and John's folks against Abijah's, and they say that banks burst up and railroad stocks are risky, and I'll end by bein' on the town.
  • There is no considerable amount of cloth to be had in Europe; the stocks are very short."
  • He lifted up the partition again; but stocks are built on the true principle of English law, and don't easily allow a man to criminate himself--it was hard to get into them without the help of a friend.
  • My wishes in regard to the particular institutions or objects to which the aforesaid manufacturing stocks are to be applied, and also the time and mode of the application thereof
  • In the main no doubt this is so, but good stocks are nevertheless so widely spread through all classes--such good stocks in the lower social classes being probably the most resistent to adverse conditions--that we are not entitled to regard even a slightly greater net increase of the lower social classes as an unmitigated evil.
  • When my strong stocks are from time to time deprived of one or two combs, if honey can easily be procured,[19] the bees proceed at once to replace them, and the queen commences laying in the new combs as soon as the cells are fairly started.
  • "If mining stocks are offered to a man and he buys them, and they do not turn out well, whose loss ought it to be?
  • said he; "here are beans and their sauce, the musket stocks are legs of mutton, the salads are these halberd heads, and these musket barrels are ox shins for the soup of freedom.
  • The good stocks of upper social class are decreasing in fertility, it is said; the bad stocks of lower social class are not decreasing; therefore the bad stocks are tending to replace the good stocks.[11]
  • " On the left of the platform stands a large blackboard, whereon the fluctuations in stocks are recorded, and around the sides of the room are displayed various signs bearing the names of different stocks (like the banners of the knights in royal chapels), beneath which eager groups collect.
  • In Bags the _Old Man_ lets his Treasure rust, Afraid to use it, or the Funds to trust; When Stocks are low, he wants the heart to buy,

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  • Pearson states that six kinds of stocks are used in the best nurseries--_i.e.
  • "They have awoke to the fact that stocks are getting low in the old country.

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