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  • This is the stoical aspect of the doctrine.
  • They found the strangers as stoical as the burros.
  • He was less stoical and apathetic than most Egyptians.
  • To the Stoical opinion Descartes much inclines.
  • The mutilated, stoical with neglect, shuffled along the pavements.
  • He was even stoical when the sextette brayed forth the sorrows of Lucia.
  • See the Stoical argument for the unity of the deity in Cic.

How To Use Stoical In A Sentence?

  • And what relation would he himself bear to her when she had arrived at that stoical calm?
  • True to his aristocratic principle of stoical calm he continued to consume his morning beverage.
  • Thy malady and a stoical virtue are alike in this, that whoever has one has all.
  • Of the three, however, the stoical engineer accepted the situation with the best grace.
  • Sarella, watching them disappear in the distance, felt it more than the stoical old half-breed.
  • You watch the stoical countenance of the passenger in a Pullman car as he stands up to be brushed.
  • And the widow was very charming even to the professedly stoical eyes of a Brutus of sixty-two.
  • Even aristocracy, I think, was not quite so stoical in the days when it was really strong.
  • As mild and stoical a Seminole Indian as ever belied his surname responded to her call.
  • The best two expounders of the later Stoical philosophy were a Greek slave and a Roman emperor.
  • She repeated the description after him with a stoical matter-of-factness to make sure that she had it correctly.
  • West's tone expressed the most stoical indifference, but she would not be comforted.
  • His stoical indifference and unvarying courtesy to the fair sex are genuine and sublime and pique the women incredibly.
  • The stuff of rebellion and of self-assertion was not in her, but she could endure misfortune with the stoical indifference of a savage.
  • Indeed, to one who had not been made stoical by familiarity with excitements, the tokens of the atmosphere were portentous.
  • So he labored on, trying to learn the tricks of the older flankers, and schooling himself to their stoical endurance.
  • Turtle felt mischievously well, and the colonel stood as stoical as if he expected to lay down his life before the enemy in fifteen minutes.
  • One of the effects of the Stoical idea combined with the new conception of the mission of woman was the prevalence of celibacy.
  • The marvel is that these highly emotional people, who are usually so sensitive to pain, could have shown such stoical indifference to their fate.
  • Down beyond the bell it drew the father's smile and up at the wheel the stoical gaze of Watson.
  • They really made remarkably good headway against the sea and the stoical Indian grunted approval of their work.
  • Was there a tragedy, and were the details too heart-breaking for even the stoical Editor to maintain his critical attitude?
  • Whatever he does, I would always advise the athlete to preserve his faith in judges and a stoical silence when he does not quite agree with them.
  • A few foreign passengers are aboard, and they do not seem free from the contagion, though inclined to be more stoical than the Europeans.
  • In particular, that stoical ideal, absurdly supposed to be the English ideal, has stiffened and chilled us.
  • He advanced to the Indian, who was standing there in stoical silence, with his blanket thrown over his shoulder, and held out his hand.
  • It was obvious that nothing concerned her outside her immediate calling and that she accepted this with a stoical immovability which was neither to be diverted nor influenced.
  • The Bonnie Lassie removed a small, sharp implement from the left eye of a stoical figurine and pointed it at herself.
  • For a long time, Blassemare met his abject and agonized entreaties with a stoical scorn; at last, however, he relented.
  • All who were acquainted with his temperament can well imagine what a gloomy prospect the future presented to him, when its contemplation wrung from his stoical taciturnity that touching confession.
  • His valet, Richard Dell, kept watch over the luggage and encouraged the ostlers, with a fairly stoical countenance.
  • They held my honour tacitly pledged to succour them; and it is a sort of stoical refinement entirely foreign to my nature to set the political obligation above the personal and private.
  • The elasticity of spirits, the buoyancy of youth had given place to a species of stoical mute apathy; a mental and moral paralysis was stealing over her.

Definition of Stoical

Enduring pain and hardship without showing feeling or complaint.
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