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Definition of Stokers

plural of stoker

How To Use Stokers In A Sentence?

  • They are stokers who fire the furnaces for the engines far down below in the bowels of the ship.
  • In the engine rooms the stokers remained at their posts, the artificer and engineers.
  • The stokers in the engine rooms poured in the coal, and the steam rose higher and higher.
  • That is to say, they are the gardeners, stokers of the power house, sweepers, and so forth.
  • Some of the boats had hardly anyone but women in them; in many the stokers and stewards were quite useless at the oars.
  • Meanwhile, the stokers had drawn all the fires and had shut off steam, so that when the ship went down there was no boiler explosion.
  • Simultaneously the big blockaders crowded toward them and opened a heavy fire, while stokers shoveled desperately below to get up steam.
  • The stokers slumbered peacefully, as did the comrades they should have awakened, when the twinkle of a masthead light crept nearer from out at sea.
  • His sword in his hand, he went down the forward companionway, where he met a group of frightened firemen and stokers huddled below.
  • From the ten huge, red stacks columns of inky black smoke poured out as the stokers crammed the furnaces beneath.
  • To-day the steam was got up, and with the help of our two stokers I worked the engines for a short time.
  • Met innig medelijden zien wij de stokers aan, die beurtelings uit de machinekamer opduiken om een mondje vol lucht te scheppen.
  • Fourteen generations of stokers would be employed on this celestial excursion before the bold travelers could bring back news of the expedition to us.
  • It was indeed as the stokers said, and a strong friendship and mutual regard had sprung up between the grizzled old engineer and the enthusiastic wireless operator.
  • The assistant engineer, two stokers and myself, all of us British, shouted "Never!
  • We've got proper stokers and all,' he assured her, evidently thinking she was afraid the engine was not being properly attended to, and alluded to that.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Stokers | Stokers Sentence

  • A dozen stokers had perished.
  • The stokers also told us a lot.
  • I have seven stokers under me, all Spaniards.
  • The crew, engineer, and stokers were all Chinks.

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