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  • The leaves have been called the stomachs of a tree.
  • We discharged the contents of our stomachs in the sink.
  • Our stomachs refused to bear the weight of any thing.
  • And stomachs most believing Thou revealest.
  • The few stomachs that were opened contained vegetable material.
  • Cook found no traces of aliment in the stomachs of those shot by his party.
  • They found the contents of all the four stomachs of ruminating animals acid.
  • My friend the captain, and myself, had the only constant stomachs on board.
  • There's nothin' like full stomachs to make axes and saws run well.
  • O would the Spaniard we might meet Our stomachs to fulfil!

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  • The heathens brought wreaths and stretched out on their stomachs flat on the ground.
  • If dissected, their stomachs are found to be already discolored by the disease.
  • The remains of spiders were found in four stomachs and crawfish fragments in five.
  • The flight of the ravens is heavy, so laden are their stomachs with the flesh of the victims.
  • The very governors he ships out there, his henchmen, have their stomachs turned.
  • For now that they no longer suffered from the cold, their stomachs cried loudly for food.
  • Kellogg (1929:26) wrote that stomachs of two alligators each contained one soft-shelled turtle.
  • Had our stomachs been desperate, other refreshments, I believe, were to be had.
  • In 51 stomachs of Sharp-tailed Sparrows 81 per cent of the contents was animal.
  • He would not permit the massacre of the prisoner for which the stomachs of the cannibals were waiting!
  • I do not believe that in any other population of the world of its size can be found so few hungry stomachs or homeless bodies.
  • These men have lost no trips since they began to run their stomachs with the same care as their trains.
  • Of those on the road, some were still and some she saw were moving slowly back on their stomachs to safety.
  • Of their fruits and mollusks they were getting tired, and their stomachs began to revolt at such food.
  • Their stomachs were as long as their bodies, and they were never really happy unless their stomachs were full.
  • The natives said that this snake eats other snakes, but examination of stomachs revealed no supporting evidence.
  • Our heart is afire for freedom of conscience; our stomachs on fire for the enemy's meats.
  • First their chests throbbed, then the sensations moved to their stomachs and legs, then into their necks and head.
  • The sight of this repast and its savory fumes were too much for the empty stomachs of two of our men, who shall be nameless here.
  • Fortunately, these lower stomachs are not subject to nausea no matter how capable of otherwise rebelling, as they so often do.
  • We started off running at top speed, then dropping flat on our stomachs to fetch our breath and rest our aching arms.
  • It was offered as night came on as a protection against chills, and again at the dawn of day as an appetizer to stomachs already craving for food.
  • They have mouths and stomachs all over them, in the form of tiny pores on their leaves, and hair-like tubes sticking out from their roots.
  • As to the inhibition of brandies, whiskies and gins, that was done mechanically, and our stomachs scarcely noticed it.
  • The delightful aroma of coffee and frying bacon stole through the air, stimulating the appetites of men whose stomachs were in waiting.
  • Scoresby found shrimps, a kind of craw-fish, and the remains of young seals, in the stomachs of those which he examined.
  • We got home soon after eight, and, as our ancestors would have said, settled our stomachs with a dish of tea.
  • Surface (1908:123) found crawfish in the only two stomachs of specimens he examined from Pennsylvania.
  • After burying various bottles that contained the liquid abominations wherewith he burned out the stomachs of his customers, Antonio had followed.
  • Trainmen have been finding out that the less food in their stomachs they take into bed with them and on to their trains, the better it is for them in every way.

Definition of Stomachs

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of stomach | plural of stomach
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