Stopped In A Sentence

How To Use Stopped In A Sentence?

  • Either the rider had stopped to listen to his call or had gone on beyond hearing.
  • I drank it off, and was just about to make a rush at the door when Clo stopped me.
  • He would have, too, only Crow threw up his head and stopped the bullet instead of me.
  • Patricia's heart stopped beating for a moment and then it leaped to her throat.
  • How our preparations began at once, and were only stopped by the necessity of setting off when the day arrived.
  • It ceased instantly, and though he stopped there for some moments listening intently it did not recur.
  • Gray's voice faltered before he stopped speaking, and he did not say all he had wished to say.
  • Randy stopped at the first little town he came to and made some inquiries, but they availed him nothing.
  • And the girl seeing what he would be at stopped every time, raising the smoky light in each doorway patiently.
  • The figure moved slowly on, ascended the bank, and stopped at the very door of the sepulchral vault.
  • Renouard turned to his distinguished guests who, like a personally conducted party of tourists, had stopped and were looking about them.
  • The lynx was right behind them, but it stopped as the chickens crowded around her, and she seized the broom and struck at it.
  • He took us about his drawing-room, showing us the pictures, and finally stopped before a rude and ancient engraving.
  • He climbed the seven steps or so, stepped across the bamboo platform quietly, but what he saw through the doorway stopped him short.
  • He had stopped in the middle of the road, and they walked slowly past, through a great puddle, which drenched their feet.
  • A most elusive, faint sound of ghostly talk issuing from one of the rooms added to the illusion and stopped his already hesitating footsteps.
  • I stopped short; looked out upon the landscape without distinguishing a feature of it; and felt my gorge rising almost to suffocation.
  • He just turned and ran the other way, and folks did say that he never stopped running until he reached town, twenty miles away.
  • A grey horse had just got rid of his rider, and after galloping round and round, his head in the air, stopped and began to graze.
  • As I sat looking at her with eyes more tearful than her own there came to our ears the welcome sound of wheels, and a wagon stopped at the gate.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Stopped | Stopped Sentence

  • Suddenly he stopped walking.
  • He stopped the horse.
  • Lumley stopped his horse too.
  • They stopped and wondered.
  • We stopped at the conservatory door.
  • Great people in their own coaches stopped there.
  • He stopped at the door to look back into the dusk.
  • Returning from the door, he stopped to think.
  • He stopped a moment, then his voice strengthened itself.
  • As a result of this thinking, she had stopped praying.
  • He stopped abruptly, and went on with his breakfast.
  • Naturally Byrne stopped short.
  • I come nigh forgetting what I stopped for.
  • The two were talking earnestly as the horses stopped before the barn door.
  • He led us a hundred yards along the rim of the bank and stopped again.
  • After a time he stopped and called again, and again heard the answering call.
  • I shut off the dining-room and stopped the buzzing, and came back to bed.
  • I failed in that, but I stopped his confounded quizzical stare.
  • He stopped rubbing his leg, and turned his pale blue eyes full on Gray.
  • I stopped short as I suddenly realized what Joe's absence for the night meant.

Definition of Stopped

(of a vehicle) Not moving, but not properly parked or berthed; said also of the occupants of such a vehicle. | (more generally) In the state resulting from having stopped. | (of a pipe) Having a stop; being closed at one end.
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