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  • Then we visited the village store to make our purchase.
  • He had stopped at the local store to purchase provisions.
  • But I who give all of my store to all.
  • I knew there was something I forgot from the store to-day.
  • Then he went back into the store to attend to other matters.
  • It was a rule of the store to keep them always in the locked case.
  • By this time he was talking loud enough for all in the store to hear.
  • The actual moving from the old store to the new was a herculean task.
  • Suppose one of the girls here goes to the store to buy a piece of cloth.
  • After dinner I dropped into a drug store to buy a cake of soap.
  • At that moment, old Mrs. Ploughman entered the store to buy a paper of pins.
  • See you, I want six of the boys at Lablache's store to-night at eleven o'clock.
  • You were at the jewellery store to see about Miss Constantine's ring.

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  • Then he condescended to devote a share of his precious store to the courtiers behind him.
  • Scattergood had first encountered her when she came to his hardware store to buy a plow.
  • Joyce agreed to this heartily, and they turned into a store to purchase the candles.
  • He stopped at the corner drug store to spend his car-fare for an ice-cream soda.
  • He wanted to get some gloves, but did not know when he could get to a store to buy any.
  • The sale of goods by the store, to surrounding communities, has been greatly extended.
  • Supper was not on the table, and I went into the store to see if the mail was ready.
  • In the afternoon, Pauline and her mother went down to the store to buy the matting.
  • I'll stop at the drug store to 'phone and make a date with Ruth for to-morrow morning.
  • I dared not appear at any store to buy food, and I could not let the dear old man go hungry.
  • It was on a rainy November night that I came down to the store to call Billy to supper.
  • Macgregor had already left his toboggan at a sporting-goods store to be equipped with runners for use on ice.
  • You understand this was not like stealing candy from a store to our way of thinking, so we were certainly not doing anything wrong.
  • Ladies should not monopolize the time and attention of salesmen in small talk, while other customers are in the store to be waited upon.
  • The bees had been hard at work carrying a portion of their store to some new hive, but there were gallons of it still there.
  • In the meantime the girl behind the counter had become more frightened than ever and she ran to the back of the store to summon assistance.
  • Possessing boundless capital, he would engage in every scheme of commerce from a general outfitting store to a corral.
  • Sadly she left the room, and locking it after her, repaired to a store to purchase a few necessary articles of furniture.
  • When he repairs to the drug-store to abuse or praise the powers that be, his wife reads the paper, too.
  • By this time customers were coming into the store to buy toys and other things, and the toy counters and shelves were busy places.
  • Certainly no one ever did other than very faulty work if, not having such a store to draw on, when he began writing he left off reading.
  • I have seventy-five dollars for this wonderful mahogany bed that is really worth seven hundred dollars in any store to-day.
  • And stop on the way and get a small steak, and ask the drug-store to deliver a pint of ice-cream at six-thirty sharp.
  • She would not take Elizabeth to the store to face the head man without having her fixed up according to the most approved style.
  • So after school quite a crowd went around by Harrison's toy-store to see the wonderful chairs.
  • In reality he was a bit chagrined, having pictured with some pleasure the Boston aristocrat going from store to store for a situation.
  • These trees all gave him such a bounteous supply of boughs and branches that Freyo soon had store to last him for his carving a whole year or more.
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