Store Up in a sentence

Definition of Store Up

(transitive) To build up a supply of (something), usually for use at a particular time in the future, when the time is right.

How to use Store Up in a Sentence?

  • Your mother sold notions and axle-grease in an up-State general store up to the day she married.
  • These dams store up sufficient water to fill the "summer canals" of Upper and Middle Egypt.
  • It is the iron in the leaves that enables the plants to store up the energy of the sunshine for their own use and ours.
  • Or is it that we may store up in our minds what these great ones said and did upon occasions that may occur to us some day?
  • In this way he could store up her looks, her words, her gestures, against the time when the memory of them would be all he should have.
  • In winter it rains a good deal, and snows, and if there are great stretches of woods, the trees store up all that moisture.
  • In this receptacle they can store up a supply of materials from which sustenance may be gradually elaborated during a period of time proportioned to their necessities and mode of life.
  • The pectoral muscles of a bird are reproduced by two strong springs which are extended by the upward motion of the wings and store up energy for the down-stroke.
  • He continued to store up his treasures at home until his occupation lost the charm of novelty and became monotonous; then he ceased from it, contented.
  • King gladly gave it; for he knew that as soon as Anselm was gone, he could begin to store up all the Canterbury money again, for his own use.
  • Hurried bees had discovered them before him, since it is not enough for these restless innocent to store up summer in the honeycomb, but with the earliest warmth they must be out and seeking in hunger.
  • But on the other hand it must be remembered that celluloid and sheet-gelatine, also air-tight substances, are able to store up light and to give it out again.
  • Arthur and his wife both caught the fever, of which he died in a few days; and she recovered, having been able to nurse him to the end, and store up his last words.

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