Stormily In A Sentence

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  • He turned and walked stormily homewards.
  • Justin's young eyes were looking out stormily upon the gray world.

How To Use Stormily In A Sentence?

  • Here the banners are floating, the lights glancing, the band stormily performing.
  • His musings arraigned before him for judgment and contrast the two women who had so stormily wrought upon his new life.
  • After that, they drifted into talk of the future, rather than driving stormily into the teeth of it, like tempest-tossed leaves.
  • They were bright and hard, and they flickered stormily upon him when she lifted her gaze from the pan of frying potatoes and saw who it was standing in the doorway.

Definition of Stormily

In a stormy manner. Often used figuratively for noisily.
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