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How To Use Stowed In A Sentence?

  • They had been stowed away in the holds and driven against each other during the storm.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Stowed | Stowed Sentence

  • Rick stowed it in his pocket.
  • Everything was stowed safe and snug.
  • They are stowed away down in the hold.
  • Are all to be stowed away in the chaise?
  • Overhauling the stuff stowed there did no good.
  • Later on it would be stowed on deck.
  • Dalgard stowed the bow in the bottom of the outrigger.
  • Then everything was stowed away in the tilt.
  • I remember now watching them as they were stowed away.
  • Then the duffel was carried in and stowed in the tent.
  • The bales were stowed carefully in the centre.
  • Before noon the foliage was stowed below out of sight.
  • Tis no less than solid gold he stowed in it.
  • They have therefore been stowed away in the storehouses.
  • The sail was quickly stowed and the mast unshipped.
  • He emptied the ash from his cutty which he stowed away.
  • Larry read this letter twice before he stowed it away.
  • The colonel stowed away the offending brier.
  • She folded the note and stowed it away with the pencil.
  • He safely stowed away the last words of the paragraph.
  • I stowed away on his ship; he did not know.
  • Anyway we have the stuff, and stowed safe in the lazaret.
  • They will, therefore, be at once stowed in the hold.
  • It is stowed inside the box, miles away from here.
  • Where the deuce has Gothon stowed it?
  • You must have: you've stowed 'em away somewhere.
  • As for myself, I can be stowed away anywhere.
  • But we stowed them on the sledge for use on Lake Placid.
  • By the time Mr. Bolton had the tarpaulins stowed away.
  • Zephyr stowed the supplies in his pack and raised it to his shoulder.
  • That they were not stowed away aboard her seemed unquestionable.
  • Charley took down his wireless and stowed it as compactly as possible.
  • This being settled we all stowed away in the carriages and drove off.
  • Then she opened out her treasures and stowed them away as best she could.
  • Anything to get them safely stowed in bed and the house quiet!
  • Her main advantage was that she could be folded up and stowed on deck.
  • Kelley took the money and carefully stowed it away in his clothes.
  • And we can save all the goods we stowed amidships before the tide rises again.
  • Tama keeps the umbrella stowed away in the recesses of his whare.

Definition of Stowed

simple past tense and past participle of stow
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