Straddle In A Sentence

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  • I just about had strength enough left to straddle him.
  • An example will make the nature of the straddle clear.
  • Now I'm goin' to lie right down, and Dot can straddle me.
  • He must straddle the mouth of the valley like the fat colossus he was.

How To Use Straddle In A Sentence?

  • He had spent his boyhood on the trails of Pine Mountain, often riding to mill straddle of a mule.
  • When waist-high to the counter, he seemed to spring forward on his hands, spreading his legs at the same time so as to straddle both bulwarks.
  • Two lines of low-angle sprinklers, only 4 feet apart, straddle an intensively irrigated raised bed running down the center of the garden.

Definition of Straddle

To sit or stand with a leg on each side of something; to sit astride. | To be on both sides of something; to have parts that are in different places, regions, etc. | To consider or favor two apparently opposite sides; to be noncommittal.
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