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  • All stragglers perish.
  • But these were stragglers from an earlier time.
  • Some of the stragglers could at least be found.
  • He had been sent to hunt stragglers from the herds.
  • The curtain falls on stragglers crossing the stage.
  • A little further, those stragglers began to notice them.
  • A little farther, those stragglers began to notice them.
  • Here and there little eddies of stragglers had been thrown out to each side.
  • The enemy watched in hiding to cut off the stragglers by the way.
  • Make a search of the house for hidden arms or stragglers and report to me.
  • Each lot had a tail of limping stragglers in ones and twos and threes.
  • I stayed behind with my gunbearers, to drive the stragglers on.
  • I came to a spring at last, and the stragglers surrounded it in levies.
  • In the morning the crowd grew thinner; we saw only stragglers and cripples.
  • There were machine-gun nests ahead, foolish stragglers told him.
  • The expedition succeeded, however, in picking up a few stragglers and horses.
  • Only a few feeble stragglers said, "Yes"; among them Sissy Jupe.
  • A few minutes before eleven o'clock the stragglers arrive back from the town.

How To Use Stragglers In A Sentence?

  • The stragglers both swore that they had lost some stock which they were trying to find.
  • There was nobody in danger except stragglers around on the flanks of that mark.
  • As soon as we got off we saw the first stragglers of the great army of the homeless and ruined.
  • A mile back toward the mountains, they began to see stragglers from the now-vanished herd.
  • A mile back toward the mountains, they began to see stragglers from the now-vanished herd.
  • These stragglers did not reach Yellowhead Pass till the first week of September.
  • I am going to tie up Ruf Ettinger and any other stragglers I can get my hands on.
  • Before they caught up with the stragglers of the cannery fleet they sighted the alien fishing-boats coming in their direction.
  • He stayed at the door until the stragglers had thinned down, and then came back to his seat by the fire.
  • The hunt had swept on through shoaler water, but there was a cheer from the stragglers across the river.
  • The rush was past, and only stragglers were running the gauntlet of the fierce fire which poured upon them from above.
  • A few stragglers stood grouped on the pavement before the house, of asked questions of the policeman stationed near by.
  • The stragglers seemed to appreciate the desperate emergency, and came voluntarily back to relieve their comrades.
  • In one or two corners only a few stragglers lingered; they were sprawling across the tables with arms outstretched.
  • General Lee will surely acknowledge these were not left in the hands of stragglers asleep in barns.
  • And he motioned Shorty to join the gang of stragglers and runaways which had already been gathered up.
  • The brotherhood continued on its triumphal march, leaving stragglers in every tavern and fallen on every street.
  • The stragglers who were wounded were to have no reward, whilst violence, cowardice, and drunkenness were to be punished.
  • As we approach the mills, stragglers may be met in the woods, and our march must be conducted with the greatest caution.
  • There was a prodigious number of stragglers from the Federal lines, as these were the bane of the country people.
  • Nothing like a night-alarm and a little cutting up of stragglers to make a Regiment smart in the field.
  • The fat, sleek dragoman had dismounted, and stood waiting in his petticoats and his cover-coat for the stragglers to gather round him.

Definition of Stragglers

plural of straggler
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