Straight Out in a sentence

Definition of Straight Out

Frankly, outspokenly.

How to use Straight Out in a Sentence?

  • I felt the more sure of you when you told me straight out about what was born in you.
  • An observation which had the effect of driving the girl straight out of the house.
  • See how the scratches all point straight down the valley, and straight out to sea.
  • I told you that any attraction he may have had for my child, he shocked straight out of her.
  • The tail itself stood straight out behind him and became rigid like a bar of iron.
  • It flew straight out of the window, and the whistling ceased, and all again was quiet as before.
  • According to the plans, it ran straight out to the ship docks and the open crater beyond.

Short Example Sentence for Straight Out

  • I accepted straight out.
  • I answered him straight out.
  • Work straight out under your window.
  • This was hitting straight out and no mistake.
  • Another flew straight out of the glade.
  • Let it come straight out with some weight behind it.
  • She never says anything straight out.
  • For a quarter of an hour they paddled straight out.
  • Dudley knocked the wind straight out of my half suspicion.
  • Axel told her straight out one day that she must go.
  • They went straight out the 600 yards without a hitch.
  • Frank, straight out: capital descriptions.
  • Then I laughed straight out.
  • There would be a straight out Ministerial party of 24.
  • She then went straight out, followed by Wentworth.
  • And if I have a thing to say I say it straight out.
  • We drove straight out from Porta San Giovanni to Albano.
  • If so, why didn't he speak straight out?
  • The tide did not follow the sweep of bank but ran straight out.
  • Yet she's aiming straight out to sea right now.
  • The little girl looked straight out into the summer landscape.
  • She seemed to feel an uplifting as the wind swept her hair straight out.
  • She was white now, and her eyes were gazing very straight out into the night.
  • Always saying things straight out that other people would keep back.
  • I just turns round and walks straight out of the ring to my dressing-room.
  • Rick started by going straight out, watching the bottom through his mask.
  • I could see his feet sticking straight out almost even with his saddle.
  • Sandy wasted no time in diplomacy; he struck straight out from the shoulder.
  • His room looked straight out on to a magnificent, rock-strewn sea.
  • I see a young man sitting on a chair, with his feet straight out before him.
  • It stands high, in a lovely green park and looks straight out to sea.
  • Erskine saw it, drew himself erect, bowed and strode straight out.
  • It is mere straight-out, not as yet reflected, representation.