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  • But his evidence was straightforward enough.
  • All should be plain, all straightforward to the end.
  • He was a straightforward man, and transparent as glass.
  • The bargain, I repeat, was a fair and straightforward one.
  • His earnest and straightforward manner was not that of a mountebank.
  • But there was something very straightforward in her pure little face.
  • The children behaved with the same straightforward affection and goodness.
  • I was in favor of direct, straightforward action in the matter.
  • He is young and rather comely, but has not a straightforward look.
  • But the man was straightforward and high-minded, and so was the author.
  • This pleasant, straightforward speech restored her confidence.
  • His story is a straightforward one, nervously told, dramatically told.
  • The universe is frank and open, and God is straightforward and honourable.
  • His eyes are brown, pleasant, set wide apart, straightforward of expression.
  • Away went Tod, in his straightforward fashion, to look for Roger Monk.

How To Use Straightforward In A Sentence?

  • There was nothing for it now but a straightforward declaration of the dreadful truth.
  • Or is it, rather, owing to our being too straightforward to mislead one another?
  • I intend to have one brief, straightforward talk with mother, and declare my purpose.
  • We used a plain, straightforward code, and our letters might have been read by anyone on earth.
  • Mrs. Barnaby had a lively curiosity and always took the most straightforward means to gratify it.
  • To the end he fought his foes in his old, plucky, honest, vigorous and straightforward style.
  • I am a straightforward man, Celia; and I am unfit for the care that has been thrown upon me.
  • Like all American Romanys, he was more straightforward than most of his race in Europe.
  • Unfortunately he had not learned that every one else was not as honest and straightforward as himself.
  • Certainly the effect of the barrister's straightforward statement was unlooked-for.
  • With the straightforward simplicity that characterized all his dealings, he proceeded to state his errand.
  • All her answers had been straightforward and given unhesitatingly, but they did not bring confidence or conviction with them.
  • He at least had been straightforward in his purpose, and had spoken as soon as he had been assured of his own mind.
  • In more straightforward times flattery itself was more straight-forward; falsehood itself was more true.
  • She was not a subtle person, unused to any self-communing that was not perfectly straightforward and simple.
  • It does not occur to you to admit your capabilities as a cricketer in an open, straightforward way and place them at the disposal of the school.
  • His straightforward assertions, and the perfect indifference of his tone and manner, increased this impression.
  • If we keep on our own straightforward way, the world about us may be as bad as it will, it can do us no harm.
  • He felt a little dissatisfied, cheated, as though the straightforward answer for which he had come had been turned into the counterfeit of evasion.
  • It is a plain, straightforward story of the author's life on the plains of Dakota.
  • He is a good, honest craftsman, with a fine enthusiasm for his subject, and he is content to set things before us in a straightforward way.
  • He sees everything, he hears everything, he makes himself at home, and when he wants to know anything he asks a straightforward question.
  • He was a simple, straightforward youth, very fond of his sister, and loth to leave her, but very glad to be his own master at last.
  • You do go as straightforward as most on 'em; but I ain't quite sure but that there are a few twists and twirls.
  • Athletes, he believed, were simple, straightforward people, cruel and brutal if you like, but never petty.

Definition of Straightforward

Proceeding in a straight course or manner; not deviating. | easy, simple, without difficulty | (figuratively) direct; honest; frank
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