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  • And her fingers were plucking spontaneously at the strands of wool drawn down from it.
  • There was a rawhide lariat that had parted its strands in a tussle with a stubborn cow.
  • As many of these strands must be used as can be tied on the loom without crowding.
  • That abaca is used to whip the strands of cables of the ships and boats instead of hemp.
  • When she finally closed the window, her hair was in little strands about her face.
  • Next he cut a piece from the shroud, and painstakingly unravelled strands from the rope.
  • With her left hand she brushed away the strands of hair the wind had blown across her eyes.
  • Well, the bird lays the first strands of the foundation and then goes in search of more material.
  • His eyes were closed, and wet strands of dark hair were plastered over his forehead.
  • But her wings were torn, and her feet were shackled by the fine strands that still adhered.
  • As she bent her head over the rose, silken strands of her hair blew in my face.
  • Suddenly they found that the strands were parting one by one, frayed on a sharp edge of rock.
  • Teodoro knelt in the dust, drew his knife and cut loose strands of the long mane hair.
  • For the fringe, cut strands of brown six inches long, and knot a strand in each stitch.
  • The 4X has strung three strands of barb wire from Coyote Pass to the North Arm.
  • Of late he had noted how the cinch of his working saddle was weakening; some of the strands had parted even.
  • In some mills they draw the cotton out into these long strands and double together four or eight slivers before they are carded.
  • But he marveled again and again at the hungry things that made a mesh of ropy strands across the smooth area about the ship.
  • Wind the strands tightly together with a strand of raffia, one end of which is threaded through a large needle.
  • The ends of the strands used in this way form the fringe, which is trimmed to the desired length when the weaving is done.
  • There need be no waste if this operation is carefully done, as good silk will always divide into strands without fraying.
  • Two high-wound locking relays are bridged across the line, the cord strands being divided by 1-microfarad condensers.
  • For wet doubling, the strands pass through a trough containing water, and the flannel surfaces are also wet.
  • After notching their ends, he laid the two longer ones side by side and bound the ends together with strands from the parachute rope.
  • Her hair hung in long golden strands on each side of her face, her eyes shone like stars, her cheeks were flushed.
  • The metal glowed, and the man was writhing in silent self-torture when at last he threw his weight upon the strands and fell backward to the floor.
  • As a series they are as necessary to one another as the three strands of a cable, and yet each volume is, in a certain way, completed in itself.
  • This whip was made of braided strands of walrus hide, and tapered from a thickness of two inches at the butt to one long single strand at the tip.
  • Using the rose floss, cut about 40 strands 8 inches long, tie in the center, fold where tied and tie again below.
  • The halter is made of strands of buffalo-hair platted together; or is merely a thong of raw hide, made pliant by pounding and rubbing.
  • It was opened questioningly by a little mouse of a woman, with great brown eyes, and gray strands mixing in her bright, brown hair.
  • Again, "stock gone a little loco" would often charge straight through the rigid and ripping wire barriers as though their strands were of thread.
  • Between the creel and the spindles all the strands are kept equally tense by drawing them over flannel-covered boards and under porcelain weights.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Strands | Strands Sentence

  • Fasten the three strands together and then braid.
  • Are they the strands of thy smooth, glossy hair?
  • Presently more strands came beating down on the spume to sting him.
  • The strands will presently be so weak that they will snap altogether.
  • Soon some of the strands were forced between propeller and shaft-casing.
  • Place then, clearly before your minds these two distinct strands of story.
  • Roll the dough into three strands about one inch thick and ten inches long.

Definition of Strands

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of strand | plural of strand
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