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  • It was the strangest meeting.
  • It was the strangest of detachments.
  • A being of strangest naturehood.
  • Reads like the strangest fiction.
  • Then began the strangest doings.
  • And all the time it was making the strangest noises.
  • But the strangest yet remains to be related.
  • We were in one of the strangest places imaginable.
  • I wonder which could tell the strangest story of the past!
  • But the workings of Chance are the strangest of all.
  • Finding you here in this place is really the strangest part of it.
  • Isn't it the strangest thing in the world?
  • But they were just finishing luncheon when the strangest thing happened!
  • And that always seemed to me the strangest part of the story.
  • He had the strangest notions about the cause and cure of disease.
  • Then happened one of the strangest incidents of that strange hour.
  • One of the strangest leaves in the world is shaped like a pitcher.
  • He was the strangest compound that ever got mixed in a human mould.
  • Then followed the strangest quest doubtless ever made by a woman.
  • Not to be loved and admired would have been the strangest thing to Violet.
  • The curtains partly opened, and I saw the strangest figure possible advancing.

How To Use Strangest In A Sentence?

  • The walls and ceiling are adorned with the strangest articles of witch-furniture.
  • For two or three months, my life was the strangest mixture of happiness and misery.
  • Egypt is the strangest land, the weirdest land, the saddest land in all the world.
  • The strangest circumstances were connected with the phenomena of sorcery by the credulous Bretons.
  • The strangest feature in the rites of Egypt was animal-worship, which appeared in various phases.
  • And then he made a remark which I have often thought was the strangest thing Billy ever uttered.
  • There was no wind and no perceptible current, and so they rode all night at anchor off this strangest of coasts.
  • But of all his wonderful stories, we thought the strangest was about sinking down through the earth to get rain!
  • But the strangest thing about these lunar mountains is that they are all hollow, and can be measured as well in depth as in height.
  • In its east pavilion was a double row of grottoed and illuminated aquaria containing the strangest inhabitants of the deep.
  • A few minutes later the sun was out again, and one of the strangest phases of life on the reef had come and gone.
  • But the fact that she could recall it now with distaste made this familiar surrounding seem strange, and they themselves strangest of all.
  • The hours that they passed with her in the train were the strangest that the Slifers had ever passed.
  • Many weird noises played over the lines and as often as not the spoken word was twisted into the strangest gibberish and rendered unintelligible.
  • And you looked across unbidden into her eyes and smiled at her a gaspy, astonished smile that brought the strangest light into her face.
  • The sight of you upon that bank, the lights in your face, struck me as the strangest mystery that could possibly confront me.
  • I remember my mother crying with the strangest break in her voice, "What are you doing there?
  • But, strangest of all, her veil was thrown back from her face, and in the sudden light of the open door she stood revealed!
  • The sound was outside the window, below it and approaching it, the strangest sound, scratching, cautious, deliberate.

Definition of Strangest

superlative form of strange: most strange
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