Strategically In A Sentence

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  • The plan was strategically wise.
  • Not every conversation had to be strategically important.
  • But strategically it would answer the purpose admirably.
  • It was now clear that his position was strategically most unfavourable.

How To Use Strategically In A Sentence?

  • Each mouse probably has refuges, each containing a nest, strategically located in its home range.
  • The German attack in Flanders was conducted strategically and tactically with remarkable energy.
  • The Czecho-Slovak State itself will be strong both strategically and economically.
  • He spied, and swerved automatically to avoid, the cunningly concealed pit of a sand devil, strategically placed in a hollow of the ground.
  • Leaving entirely out of consideration international law and humanity, it must be admitted that strategically the German submarine campaign was well conceived.
  • She tried the effect of pretending that she had promised to marry him and meant to keep her word, and she found that the position, if only mentally, was strategically strong and secure.

Definition of Strategically

In a strategic manner.
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