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How To Use Strayed In A Sentence?

  • She seemed to treat him as if he were a white pig that had strayed amongst them.
  • A rebellious lock of hair strayed from under her cap as she leaned over her work.
  • There had been much to discourage him, but in the main if they strayed they came back.
  • Danton had not strayed far, for he joined them shortly, wearing a sulky expression.
  • The young horse, not well broken to the roads, had strayed from the beaten path.
  • I wot not how it happened, but I strayed from or was left behind the rest in the fens.
  • His horse, thoroughly domesticated, strayed a little from the dead boar, feeding as it went.
  • Nattie glanced around the room hoping the Duchess had strayed in, so she might truthfully say no.
  • Was He there in reality, and was this one of His angels, strayed a little distance from His side?
  • In the end they dined precisely where there was room for them in that new world which they had strayed into.
  • The chief complaint to be made against the writers of these verses is that they so rarely strayed from their subject.
  • There was one quaintly expressed advertisement of a horse that had strayed or been stolen from a pasture.
  • I strayed down the aisle, and stood before the "Dead Christ" of Michael Angelo.
  • Fodder was strewed near the watering-place, and as the starving animals strayed down they were captured.
  • If one's attention strayed in the lecture-room it wandered to those battle-fields.
  • We also found there a sprinkling of minute organisms, which had probably strayed from some living world.
  • But Letty noticed that his eyes strayed back to Lord Ancoats, and then again to Lady Madeleine.
  • His eyes strayed through the open doorway far across the peaceful valley to the dark and gloomy mountain beyond.
  • It was a horrible sight coming so swiftly upon the pride and glory of the toast that had brought the strayed wits together.
  • Her eyes strayed toward the dressing-table as she passed it, and as she reached the door she glanced over the chiffonier.
  • The unfortunate woman had crossed the stepping-stones in order to bring back her geese, which had strayed to the other side.
  • In the silence, a little white-brown hand strayed over his face and rested with delicious coolness upon the fevered brow.
  • A few sheep strayed over it; but for months together no human foot trod its heather, or wandered by its vociferous cascades.
  • One strayed forward, blushing through the hair; another disconcerted; and they all seemed sufficiently puzzled.
  • Sukey had strayed on to a downward path; conscious of it, she abandoned herself to her taste for strong drink, and braved out her degradation.
  • The great mead hall was deserted the next morning when the maiden, hardly knowing how to occupy herself until the evening, strayed into it.
  • If you strayed into a Turkish village you would probably be treated as a guest, and given of their best.
  • The camps being little more than a mile apart, brought the hostile pickets so close together, that men strayed into the opposite lines unawares.
  • She seemed to realize his meaning with surprise, as one, whose thoughts have strayed afar, recalled to an imperative world.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Strayed | Strayed Sentence

  • The dove strayed from my bosom and was lost.
  • Meanwhile his eyes strayed round the table over our faces.
  • But I have already strayed from my purpose.
  • Her eyes strayed to Pete Lowry.
  • Burros strayed lie dead by the highway's edge.
  • Again the old man's eyes strayed about the room.
  • Her voice trembled, and her eyes strayed over the distant hills.
  • The boy strayed into the chapel, and was irresistibly drawn to the organ.
  • Oh, you could not lose me, no matter where you strayed in fields like that.
  • As he walked slowly along Teramachi his thoughts strayed back into the past.

Definition of Strayed

Having lost one's way; wandering; astray. | simple past tense and past participle of stray
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