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  • Every shade of a streaky blue, That bulletin stood.
  • A streaky white belt could be observed in the remotest part of the firmament.
  • Why, Streaky Mountain copy is the Holy Bible compared to what you've got here.

How To Use Streaky In A Sentence?

  • A physico-chemical inquiry into the properties of streaky bacon and fried eggs.
  • You cram it in, like putty into cracks, Till lean is into streaky fat converted.
  • And Mr. Crow looked and said he liked it very much, though he was pretty streaky in places.
  • The peak was draped in streaky veils of rain from low-dropping clouds that appeared to have lodged there.
  • Here and there upon the hard rock were narrow, streaky grooves, where the moisture had trickled down.
  • Their anticipations of an unclouded dawn, when the present night has worn itself into the streaky greyness of morning, are certain to come to pass.
  • The haze on the horizon to the north was rather thicker than elsewhere, and a few thin streaky clouds straggled across the clear, cold heavens.
  • She saw him when he rose to his knee; then came the straight, streaky puff of white smoke, and the dying bull stood staggering and bleeding.
  • To be haughtily indignant with this honest-eyed, embarrassed young fellow with the streaky face and heavily-penciled eyelids was out of the question.
  • Female: brownish and streaky like a big Sparrow, with sharp-pointed tail-feathers; two dark-brown stripes on the crown.
  • Allaire showed two portraits of fashionable women, done, this time, in the manner of Zorn, and quite as clever on the streaky surface.
  • Two eggs are laid on the bare ground, that is about the same color as the bird itself; and the eggs look too much like streaky pebbles to be easily seen.

Definition of Streaky

Having streaks. | (cricket) Used to describe a shot where the ball deflects off the edge of the bat, but is not caught by the slips or wicket-keeper and instead results in runs for the batsman. | (chiefly of a person, usually Canada, US) Having alternating periods of good and bad performances; inconsistent.
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