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  • These are the two strengths of top milk most used in infant feeding.
  • What a noble thing is the soul, in its strengths and in its weaknesses!

How To Use Strengths In A Sentence?

  • In this conflict the relative strengths of the two navies were about the same as in the previous war.
  • Place the tissues in each of the following strengths of alcohol in turn for from twelve to twenty-four hours: 50 per cent.
  • The tailings are placed in vats, and subjected to the action of solutions of cyanide of potassium of varying strengths down to 0.2 per cent.
  • For yellow soaps, containing a low percentage of fatty acids, solutions of silicate of soda of varying strengths are generally used.
  • In my thirst for power, I drained many of the small, unfortunate beasts of all their strengths and abilities.
  • All the same, Halleck burrowed slowly forward like a mole, entrenching every night as if the respective strengths and victories had been reversed.
  • E-commerce certainly has its strengths and the economic development associated with a profit-driven internet creates new reasons for new countries to get their populations online.
  • The time the several articles will take roasting depends upon a little practice, as the weather and the different strengths of fires make a material alteration.
  • If chess can ever become a game of chance, it is under such circumstances; and the only sure criterion of the respective strengths of two opponents is by actual hand-to-hand encounter.

Definition of Strengths

plural of strength
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