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  • His life here is a strenuous one.
  • There followed a day of strenuous labor for all of them.
  • And even so there ensued a dire and strenuous conflict.
  • After his strenuous day in the open he ate ravenously.
  • The junks from up-river were having a strenuous time of it.
  • The Austrians made strenuous efforts to save the fortress.
  • I know you've been too strenuous at some point.
  • She recalled the fears which she had had with regard to her strenuous nature.
  • Possibly a good many of us are strenuous because we are pushed into it.
  • One becomes an Arahat by a life of strenuous and untiring discipline.

How To Use Strenuous In A Sentence?

  • But there was no repose about him, and his pleasures were as strenuous as his toils.
  • He was a most studious promoter and strenuous asserter of order and discipline.
  • The owner of the corn and hogs made strenuous objections to this appropriation of his property.
  • Amelia sat erect and gave a strenuous gesture with one of her little fists clenched.
  • He spent ten strenuous days "in touch" with financial and economic circles and subjects.
  • It was only by the most strenuous efforts in his behalf that a commutation of the sentence to imprisonment for twenty years was obtained.
  • They all three appeared completely successful in a strenuous effort to dismiss all disconcerting subjects from their minds.
  • Their short and strenuous careers have burnt out in their prime, and their ends have been such as attend conflagrations.
  • Here are to be found all delicate and strenuous craftsmen, all who understand that there are secrets and mysteries in art.
  • Times like this bring ample recompense to the wilderness traveller for the most strenuous hardships that he is called upon to endure.
  • It is a philosophy of the origin of the world, but a philosophy the acceptance of which involves immediate and strenuous action.
  • Indeed, out of these very facts that have made competition so strenuous spring the most marvelous opportunities for the progressive farmer.
  • The superintendent seated himself with the manner of a man who has had a long and strenuous day, and forthwith began his story.
  • Yet desirable as the goal of unity is, it will never be reached save through the strenuous cooperant effort of all who long for it.
  • Superficially viewed the latter is four times as strenuous as the former, and the relative position seems to be inexplicable.
  • The first and hopeless romance of his youth had naturally enough been driven off the field by stirring and strenuous action in a new hemisphere.
  • These men were, as was their custom, merely utilizing the chance finding as an added comfort in their strenuous lives.
  • It was strenuous work, fighting waves in a heavy amphibian, and incomparably more tiring than driving her through the air.
  • All the passion, all the intense mystery of a strenuous love were there in her glowing eyes, her half-parted lips!
  • Our trivial song to honor those who come With ears attuned to strenuous trump and drum.
  • In the darkness of night both he and the Union commanders made strenuous preparations for the renewal of the struggle on the morrow.
  • This results in an effort in Germany all the more strenuous in proportion to the former slackness regarding questions of artistic form.
  • Archie was called and came in, dragging his feet, and pouting, in tears that he was making a strenuous effort to encourage.
  • I recall many hours at my desk in that room before the crisis came, hours full of the peculiar happiness of effective strenuous work.
  • Old age was once said to begin at forty-six; we are more strenuous now; but according to the kindest computations, it had well overtaken her.
  • The big Cossack was making strenuous attempts to free his right hand and still hold his opponent down with his great bulk.
  • In this engagement, after two days of strenuous backwoods fighting, the Indians were finally worsted.
  • Some writers of the evolution school are strenuous in the belief that the evolution hypothesis overthrows the idea of archetypes, and plans of structure.
  • Despite Frank's most strenuous efforts, he could only twist the animal's head around, but not a step would the frightened beast approach.
  • I don't think I could ever be content under a bad-tempered, sentimentalism, strenuous Government.

Definition of Strenuous

Having great vigour or energy | (of a task) Requiring great exertion; very laborious
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