Stress That in a sentence

How to use Stress That in a Sentence?

  • Then he went back to the hours of desperate mental stress, that were steadily increasing the grey about his temples.
  • The support which you have shown is that of true comradeship; and in time of stress, that is worth a very great deal.
  • It is not deemed amiss to point out, in the beginning, the stress that is laid upon the masculinity of the manager.
  • It is not when things are made easy for mankind, but on the contrary when they are passing through times of difficulty and severe stress that the suicide rate goes down.
  • Whatever one's occupation, one cannot remain unaffected by these changes, or escape entirely the stress that the need of adjustment to new ideas and new conditions compels.
  • But who knows the essential, since biographists must perforce omit the spade work of life on character, the gradual attrition or upbuilding of principles under experience, and the strain and stress, that, sooner or later, bear fruit in action?
  • So, generously fed, splendid human muscle kept pace with clinking steel under a stress that is seldom borne outside the sun-bleached prairie at harvest time, and Witham forgot everything save the constant need for the utmost effort of body and brain.
  • These charges clearly show the great stress that was placed by our ancient Brethren upon the necessity of skill and proficiency, and they have furnished the precedents upon which are based all the similar regulations that have been subsequently applied to Speculative Masonry.
  • Our pens are feebler; but the play Of deep emotions, the fine stir and stress That mark the soul's rare movements, are, in state, Equal to those of lines that make men pray.
  • Don't dream of acknowledging these remarks in all your strain and stress--that you should think I could bear that would fill me with horror.
  • Considering the need and stress that the forts were in, and that they had only sufficient food to last until the end of September, as the castellan wrote, I ordered all the champans possible to be collected and prepared with great haste in Oton, eighty leguas from this city, and to be laden with rice, meat, wine, and other supplies.
  • It's only when I'm under stress that Ivan--" "You can accept your contract release from Watt, can't you?
  • " he added, as if he could not help it, nor the slight stress that laid itself upon the personal pronoun.

Short Example Sentence for Stress That

  • I want to stress that the other bars to patentability remain.