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Definition of Strewed

simple past tense of strew | past participle of strew

How To Use Strewed In A Sentence?

  • The shores of the river are plentifully strewed with crystalizations and petrifactions.
  • Certain herbs strewed about the room were supposed to promote happiness and content.
  • She looked ruefully at the fallen forest of greenery that strewed the chapel floor.
  • Julian has strewed flowers upon the altar, and their fragrance has perfumed my life.
  • I noticed among the high grass the entrance of a burrow strewed with whitened bones.
  • There they strewed ashes over him, and bade him farewell, as if he were dying.
  • The walls of the room were covered with precious tapestry, the floor strewed with hay.
  • The corridors and rooms were spick and span from scouring, and strewed with clean sand.
  • Some find their sheets strewed with chaff or cockle-burs, some find no sheets at all.
  • They strewed the ground with broken branches, and so furnished an ample reserve for the fire.
  • With the faded leaves are strewed also the great cones which always excite wonder and admiration.
  • In the evening ashes are strewed on the floor of the room, and the door is securely fastened.
  • She fell on her hands and feet upon a thick carpet of the dead leaves that strewed the lawn.
  • I put the fluffy body into a hole in the turf, and strewed a handful of grass over him.
  • The harvest lasted three months, and all that time the grain strewed the ground.
  • Therefore, an ideal backwash is set up, which accounts for all the wreckage strewed on the beach.
  • The walls are very high, and the fallen timbers lie strewed adown the precipitous descent.
  • The baccarat-counters still strewed the table, with the empty glasses and the loaded ash-trays.
  • The road was very rough, strewed with huge bowlders, and she was compelled to receive my help.
  • Grey rock and brown, and strewed about with bits of heavy stone, heavy as copper or lead.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Strewed | Strewed Sentence

  • The table was strewed with money.
  • Her deck was strewed with corpses.
  • They strewed the ground in grotesque attitudes.
  • God bless the hand that strewed them there this day!
  • The ground is strewed with oyster shells and straw.
  • Flakes of gold fell on the floor and strewed her feet.
  • Is not thy path already strewed with thy victims?
  • Letters and receipts, wet and pulpy, strewed the sand.
  • There were heaps of playthings strewed about over the floor.
  • Men and horses strewed the ground or were plunging in all directions.
  • Kerk looked up from a desk strewed about with papers and ledgers.
  • He picked up the broken glass which strewed the table and took them out.
  • The people strewed the way from the prison to the pillory with sweet herbs.
  • All the way across the field dead and wounded strewed the ground.
  • Of my wealth bereft, to me was destined a bed strewed with sand.
  • A table strewed with leaves extends nearly the whole length of the bower.
  • Then he strewed a little mold over it, so that it appeared like plain ground.
  • She strewed the crumbs on the ground, and the old hen announced dinner.
  • Loose bricks were arranged as a fender, and dead embers strewed the hearth.
  • The whole of the shore between the Heads, was strewed with her contents.
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