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  • Aladdin mounted his horse and passed through the streets, the slaves strewing gold as they went.
  • Then pack skin side down, ham upon ham, side upon side, strewing on salt abundantly.
  • They were used for strewing the floor at the wedding-feast, or at the entertaining of some great baron.
  • The way was covered with green baize, and about a dozen children walked before them strewing flowers.
  • Hansel did not answer, but he went on strewing his crumbs carefully until the last morsel of bread was gone.
  • A fire as of hell broke upon us and rattled and roared about our ears, thinning our ranks and strewing our pathway with the dead.
  • We have captured a dozen or more rabid Indians who but half an hour ago were strewing the hillside with our dead.
  • Place them in layers; strewing fine salt thickly between each layer, and mixing with them an ounce of sliced orris root.
  • A fierce northwest wind which had been tearing the young leaf of the oak-woods all day, and strewing it abroad, had just died away.
  • The crossing of the horses over this place was more difficult than I expected, and had to be accomplished by strewing the ground with grass.
  • When he did so, a fearful blast rushed in, carrying great masses of snow and ice, strewing it over the entire plain of the earth.
  • Behind, the runners were carrying white staves in their hand, and after them fifty singing girls, strewing flowers of all colours upon the path.
  • Again Helen laughed at her, benignantly strewing her with handfuls of the long tasselled grass, for she was so brave and so foolish.
  • In the hall I found the negress strewing the floor with fresh rushes, and asked her if her mistress yet slept.
  • He had seen it a few days before, was certain he had, shook up the contents, then overturned the box, strewing the studs and pins on the bureau.
  • Take two quarts of ripe strawberries; hull them, and put them into a deep dish, strewing among them half a pound of powdered loaf-sugar.
  • Fluttering the trees and strewing a light swath Of fallen petals on the grass, could please Her not at all.
  • An extraordinary flood of water descended from Val del Bue, carrying all before it, and strewing its path with large blocks.
  • You may mix with the herbs, (which must all be chopped,) cloves, cinnamon, and sliced nutmeg; strewing salt between the layers.
  • She glanced into one after another of the little cluster of dishevelled bedrooms, with crumpled newspapers left over from a hurried packing still strewing the floors.
  • Young girls clothed in white were noiselessly strewing with flowers the way by which the adorable Sacrament was to pass from the chapel to the chamber.
  • A passing traveller will see little to compensate the sadness occasioned by old magnificence thus in ruins, strewing the whole island with its melancholy wrecks.
  • Its flower-faced baby was all but hidden under a strewing of roses more beautiful than any silken robe, and a wand twined with lilies of the valley swayed unsteadily from his pink fist.
  • You then return to the other room, and taking a slip of black paper, you put it into the other side of the box, strewing the ashes of the burnt paper over it.
  • In their embrace she saw herself, as Jones had pictured her, going about, giving money away, strewing it full-handed, changing sobs into smiles.
  • And everywhere the yellow tips of the groundsel had expanded into tiny white fluffy balls of down, strewing the empty fields, floating with the floating mist.
  • If the hearts of the nations be not changed, one more mirage will be added to the many humanity has pursued across the burning sands, strewing the barren desert with bleached bones.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Strewing | Strewing Sentence

  • With chips is the carpenter strewing his floor?
  • She pointed to the huddled heaps strewing the hollow.
  • They're strewing and vowing.
  • Put them up in stone jars, strewing among them some of the best brown sugar.
  • Do you see the young branches broken, the leaves strewing the ground?
  • Then strewing a little mould upon it, it appeared like plain ground.
  • Lay the pumpkin chips in a large pan or tureen, strewing the sugar among them.

Definition of Strewing

present participle of strew | The act of scattering or spreading. | Material that is strewn.
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