Strewn In A Sentence

Definition of Strewn

past participle of strew

How To Use Strewn In A Sentence?

  • As we foraged on the days following these fights our way was strewn with corpses.
  • The beach was strewn with lumps of hard silex in every form which could do for a hammer.
  • Pictures and statuettes, of which he is very fond, are thickly strewn about the whole house.
  • In a short time the woodland beauty is exchanged for weedy hills and slopes strewn with boulders.
  • Suddenly the Chamberlain happened to catch sight of the gems strewn along the floor.
  • Bright shine the helmets strewn with gold and gems, And shields and hauberks graved.
  • The ground was strewn with herrings after the fight, which men call the Battle of the Herrings.
  • He walked up and down the room; he paused at the window and surveyed the flowers strewn upon the floor.
  • If our way was strewn with stones instead of flowers, they at least grew in perfection on each side.
  • Only years of dust could be seen inside with the shells of hundreds of dead insects and arachnids strewn all over the place.
  • The doorbells were tied in towels, and the whole street in front of the house was thickly strewn with straw.
  • Some tore handfuls of the green adorning the pillars, and passing it forward, it was strewn on the steps.
  • The history of science, art, music and literature is strewn with the wrecks of such hostile criticisms.
  • Their beds are strewn with bowlders, often of immense size, which have withstood the wearing of waters and storms.
  • The walls were set with rubies, the floor was of rock crystal, strewn with pink and white rose-leaves.
  • He has raked out all those silly old poetry-books of yours, and I find them strewn all over the house.
  • The ground was strewn in every direction with a litter of white cube sugar, like the wind-swept drifts of a summer snowfall.
  • Moore (1928:154) remarks that runways were plainly marked and well strewn with four-inch pieces of brome-grass.
  • There was nothing in sight save the ocean strewn with great masses of wreckage, dying men and women all about me, groaning and crying piteously.
  • Evelyn still held fast to her bouquet of red roses, and Maria was laden with baskets and bouquets which had been strewn at her shrine.
  • The steps were strewn carelessly with the finest emeralds, topazes, beryls, moonstones, rubies, and crystal diamonds.
  • Chook looked idly at the stars, remote and lofty, strewn like sand across the sky, and wondered at one that gleamed and glowed as he watched.
  • And away in a distant land, on a high hill, strewn with ruins of an ancient, mysterious race, a man stood with his eyes to the north.
  • It was in a state of the utmost disorder; loose boulders and stones were strewn everywhere, and I saw no signs whatever of graves.
  • That very day Maria's mother's room had been papered with a beautiful paper with a sheenlike satin, over which were strewn garlands of pink roses.
  • Private carriages of really excellent appointment were numerous along the disreputable planked roads or the sandy streets strewn with cans and garbage.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Strewn | Strewn Sentence

  • The ground was thickly strewn with their dead.
  • The ground was strewn with glittering flakes.
  • The table was strewn with pink-and-white carnations.
  • His couch was strewn with honey-flowers and rose-leaves.
  • Shops have their merchandise strewn and rotting in all directions.
  • The trackside was strewn with disemboweled whitewood barrels.
  • The boards were scrubbed to an immaculate whiteness and strewn with sand.
  • The window was wide open and all these things strewn about the floor.
  • I see the moon and stars strewn over the infinite field of space.
  • Rocks strewn about, half hidden in the fallen leaves, must not be overlooked.
  • All about it were strewn the bones of Galifron's victims.
  • The sky is blue, the sea glistens, the flowers are strewn over the earth.
  • Hers was strewn with victims; victims whose names were Boys.
  • The waves were strewn with wrecks, and nigh every one a Persian.

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