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How To Use Stride In A Sentence?

  • He would have hunted the world over to find him, but here at a stride he had him.
  • There was no motion save the long, furtive stride and the heads leaning together.
  • He was panting again, and his stride was shortening, but his courage was still high.
  • He walks with a long swift stride like a deer, tossing his head as he goes.
  • They write as grown men walk, each with his own unconscious stride and gesture....
  • The men took their capture in stride with the rest of their delays, and Boyce laughed.
  • He could only stride onward through the wind and rain, as a man who has been shot can ride on till he falls.
  • The advantage of it was soon seen, for when we increased our speed again the horses lengthened their stride and their breath came easier.
  • And he was about to stride onward through the dark wood when the enchanted Prince called aloud to him!
  • With a quick, noiseless stride he crossed the narrow space that separated them, and entered the arch.
  • Bandmaster's head was in front, then his neck, in another stride he was half a length to the good.
  • The very sight of her was an omen of victory, and he made a long stride in her direction, but two men came before him.
  • Just then the boy who had sat with Maria on the car coming over walked with a defiant stride to her other side.
  • The long easy stride of the horses that Wildfoot and his men rode showed that they had strength in reserve.
  • He watched Trent stride up and down by the two windows and ascribed it to a growing sense of the ordeal about to be undergone.
  • The ground became heavier at every stride with huge stones that tore his stockinged legs and mangled his feet in his thin skin shoes.
  • I went with the long stride of their skirted feet, that slid springless and noiseless from end to end of the garden, and back again.
  • I had said to myself that for three hours I must keep up the same rapid stride without pause or halt.
  • He shouldered his scanty apparatus, and with rapid stride the two men pushed their way up the crowded street toward the great gate of the temple.
  • The world moves on, civilization advances, science and the arts stride forward, but the law stands still.
  • He came with a calm, steady stride down the steps of a house on the north side, and those who happened to see him gazed with surprised interest.
  • The centre of gravity was suddenly shifted, and at a single stride the danger passed from the southeast of Europe to the northwest.
  • Her feet, however, were not the "feet of the lily," for the lithe grace of her stride was ample proof that they had not been bound.
  • From this he took a great stride forward, and became first officer on the iron-clad steamer plying between Charlottetown and the mainland.
  • The first of them was Jason, and he swung along with his long stride and his shorn head thrown back and his pallid face held up.
  • They just took it in stride and tried to have a good time; and for the first time, in a very long while, the Phoridenes did enjoy themselves.
  • Not only had Robin Hood been kicked at the post, but also badly bumped and knocked out of his stride when they were going.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Stride | Stride Sentence

  • With rapid stride he reached the entrance.
  • Kut-le rose and took a stride or two up and down the ledge.
  • Let the fearful creature stride boldly among the shoppers.
  • He would stride by a church door with a kind of defiance.
  • He came in with a long, free stride ...
  • Then he would stride to his office on Prince street.
  • Suddenly he sprang away from him with the elastic stride of a panther.
  • The despatcher in one stride stepped to the instrument on the desk.
  • Another stride that has been taken, appears in the perishing of heraldry.
  • Often do the spirits Of great events stride on before the events.
  • Harry Edgham made a ferocious stride across the kitchen to the pantry.
  • And now, that we may stride on the faster, we must step back a pace or two.
  • Noble-looking Sikhs, in spotless linen, stride past with kingly gait.

Definition of Stride

(intransitive) To walk with long steps. | To stand with the legs wide apart; to straddle. | To pass over at a step; to step over.
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