Strident In A Sentence

How To Use Strident In A Sentence?

  • The band was working away with a strident brassiness which filled the room with noise.
  • The word came to his ears now in a sort of strident howl that was hardly human.
  • Then a dense cloud of dust and detritus arose to windward and advanced with a strident moan.
  • The cicalas were chirping their loudest, the strident noise trembling feverishly in the hot air.
  • His voice, though low, had a strident pitch; behind it might be fancied strained nerves.
  • Half-way along the pier they crept; then came the strident hail of the Ottoman sentry.
  • I am bound, however, to confess that the "good will" becomes a trifle strident towards nightfall.
  • They were all so interested in it that they never saw an addition to their number until a harsh strident voice sounded beside them.
  • In shrill strident voices each was crying out the virtues of his own beast, and abusing that of his neighbour.
  • There was something strident in her voice, as if she pleaded for strength to break the web of years.
  • His fondest wishes were far exceeded by the strident and tremendous clamour which continued like an unbroken peal of thunder.
  • The strident question seemed to come from far below, down in the depths of the house, where the caretaker abided.
  • A dry crackling of twigs and the strident creak of the larger roots as they grated on one another, filled our ears.
  • They found the gate in the fence and opened it, manifestly hesitating at the strident creaking it made, and passed through.
  • He was swaying from side to side, occasionally waving his arms in the air and howling out a tuneless ditty in a strident cracked voice.
  • Dominating this came Richard's voice, strident with intensity, if thick of utterance.
  • As he sat thus turning the leaves and allowing his eye to fall upon those simple but eloquent entries, a loud and strident voice was heard outside.
  • Suddenly a face looked in upon me, and a loud strident voice cried out in a tongue which I scarce fully understood.
  • The acrimonious and strident voice of the Frau Colonel floated above all this babel of feminine noises.
  • Indeed, the rain was now grown to be a deluge; the gutters of the house roared; the air was filled with the continuous, strident crash.
  • Clanging a strident bell across the magic stillness of the garden, Sam bore down upon you like a steam-engine out of tune.
  • A bell cut short his lyrical effusion, a short, shrill, strident bell, twice interrupted, twice resumed and then ceasing.
  • The Girl took one eager step towards him, when suddenly over the city roofs and across the square came the hateful, strident chime of midnight.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Strident | Strident Sentence

  • There was strident argument.
  • Their voices had been raised in strident altercation.
  • Again came the well-known strident halloo.
  • The strident vigour of the applause showed no diminution.
  • The strident laughter was aimed at the chagrined gunman.
  • There was unanimous approval registered in a strident roar.
  • Stransky laughed, now in strident cynicism.
  • From the farther corner of the room came a strident voice.
  • He called her name several times in high, strident tones.
  • O. K. added his strident voice to the shouts.
  • He was rich, Maria said, shouting in her strident voice.
  • He had never heard anything so pitilessly strident in his life.
  • Again came the voice from the outlaw craft in its strident tones.
  • His strident voice could be heard extoling the merits of his wares.
  • A strident laugh, evil as the laughter of a devil, and so shrill!
  • But that strident voice, edged with malice, had stirred bitter memories.
  • Passing the barn door, we heard the strident sound of Alrik's complaining.

Definition of Strident

Loud; shrill, piercing, high-pitched; rough-sounding | Grating or obnoxious | (nonstandard) Vigorous; making strides
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