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  • But this is strife and not play.
  • I am glad that this cruel strife is over.
  • What strife in the days of the rival companies!
  • He has done with political strife for ever.
  • Therefore let nothing be done through strife or vainglory.
  • What makes heroic strife famed afar?
  • The sight cooled us all; the strife ceased.
  • Envy and emulation the original of all strife and disorder.
  • Internecine strife is always remarkable for a display of the vilest passions.
  • What helmet is strong enough for this strife save the helmet of salvation?
  • Rather let war and strife burst over the land, than conspire against the laws!
  • Some are from the contest shrinking, Wearied with the strife and din.
  • Who yields when there is strife between Britain and Brittany?
  • So, George Dewey came out of the fierce internecine strife of our Civil War.

How To Use Strife In A Sentence?

  • So far she had given little attention to the strife which was agitating the country.
  • Yet in order that any strife may be wisely settled, this recognition is plainly necessary.
  • From a rebellion, the present cause of strife has at length assumed the proportion of equal war.
  • The strife of words was at white heat when Eurybiades himself silenced the fiercest doubter.
  • The bitterest factional strife in the history of the London adventurers soon followed.
  • What can science do in presence of the great mortal strife between Death and Life?
  • He would indulge in the love of strife and watch the footsteps of the innocent for glittering gold no more.
  • Quod impletur: strife at Clochar; Domhnach-mor-Maighe-Tochair, poverty is there.
  • But a factional strife that would soon help to destroy the company already had made its appearance.
  • He had forgotten the calm and tranquil region that stretched beyond the moil and anguish of the strife for gain.
  • And thus he will not revile himself, nor be at strife with himself, nor be variable, nor torment himself.
  • And with the growing conviction of the folly and futility of international strife must disappear the last apology for war.
  • And he bore cases against the peasants for the keeping back from him of dues and taxes, and for inciting his enemies to strife against him.
  • You shut out from my heart all the sorrow and vexation and strife that have clouded my life, and fill it with your own dear presence.
  • Cuchulain's youth, Strife for the dun cow, Cuchulain's death, Fate of the sons of Usna.
  • When he is brought to the strife with fate, he sacrifices a richer material possession, and on more purely metaphysical grounds.
  • For that horn did never good, but caused strife and debate, and always in her days she had been an enemy to all true lovers.
  • A sense of human strife had suddenly possessed it, and left its painful mark indelibly set upon the whole scene.
  • Fratricidal strife ensued, and one brother spent the dismal residue of his days in the penitentiary, expiating the murder of the other.
  • Carefully Robert superintended the arrangements for the coming battle of a strife which for years had thrown its crimson shadows over the land.
  • Strife loomed heavy amid the reigning peace, the ruthless, savage strife which seems ever to center the purpose of all sentient life.
  • Soon the knights of Nantes were reinforced by their friends, and the strife waxed furiously, sword to sword and lance to lance.
  • When they started there was such a strife who should walk with Nannie, that Belle was very nearly left to walk alone.
  • We commence our history with that strife of the tongues which had at the outset also their battle of Hastings, their field of Sanilac.
  • It is perhaps still possible for the race to learn enough from this period of strife and carnage for the resultant good to out-balance the total evil.
  • Then hush thee, my darling, take rest while you may, For strife comes with manhood, and waking with day.

Definition of Strife

Striving; earnest endeavor; hard work. | Exertion or contention for superiority, either by physical or intellectual means. | Bitter conflict, sometimes violent.
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