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  • The fashion in all its most striking aspects is here.
  • Was some one striking me from behind?
  • I recall one striking instance.
  • He surely created a new and striking idiom.
  • In this way I shall combine two striking advantages.
  • I have recently had a wonderfully striking illustration of this.
  • The last thing she remembered was the clock striking eleven.
  • His appearance was sufficiently striking to favour our dreams on his behalf.
  • The intellectual domination of England has been as striking as the physical.
  • That indeed was my most striking perception in the growth of Bromstead.
  • Overland, crouching, sprang under its belly, striking it as he went.
  • Browning, to cite a more modern author, affords many striking examples.
  • The change in Gray's manner was too striking to escape Lumley.

How To Use Striking In A Sentence?

  • I noticed at the first glance the striking resemblance between him and his mother.
  • Strange eyes they were, she thought, the one striking feature in a face that was ordinary.
  • One of the best and most striking examples of this kind is given on the authority of Mrs. Crowe.
  • It was here that Ben Jolly adapted the slow, striking music to the progress of the story.
  • She never humored herself by striking or punishing us because or while she was the least bit enoyed with us.
  • Then of a sudden he was in a tangle of legs and stirrups and striking feet, and somebody grabbed him by the arm.
  • His success in this respect is the more striking because he began by offering us mere pasteboard heroes of the most conventional type.
  • She advanced slowly down the broad hail, the lights striking iridescent rays from the trimmings of her dress.
  • They generally produce striking likenesses, but being uninstructed in the principles of these arts, their pictures have no other merit.
  • For similar separations, the ratio of striking voltages between carbon blocks and metal blocks respectively is as 7 to 16.
  • Virchow himself affords the most striking example of the usual results of this so-called "exact method" of studying skulls.
  • This will set it in a clear and striking light, and seem to vindicate the constitution of the world, as well as the doctrine of the atonement.
  • The offensives in the west had broken down and France's striking power seemed exhausted.
  • His pose became a little theatrical while he waited for his mount, striking his riding boot smartly with his crop as he stood in full view of them.
  • Thus armed, the turtler sculls over the reef, striking the turtle either as it lies asleep on the bottom or as it rises to breathe.
  • Dicky, all wondering, and alert to dodge in case the thing were a mere device to bring him within striking distance, went.
  • But then one does not go to the Bazaars only for the purpose of purchasing at the stalls, every one of them is a new and striking picture.
  • He was a tall thin man of middle age, with a striking appearance and the straight composed features of an early American portrait.
  • But this is not all, nor the most striking thing, nor the greatest contrast to the empires of Rome and of Spain.
  • It gave a harsh grating upon its hinges, and striking against something like a box, a rattling sound ensued, and a skull rolled on the floor.
  • Not far from the pyre, a band of Wallachs were dancing with savage gesticulations, striking the ground at the same time with their massive clubs.
  • But we believe no one has produced a more striking illustration of his ability in the use of this weapon, than that which we have just adduced.
  • A result of this modesty of mine was made manifest to me in a very striking way, some years afterward, when Jean was nine years old.
  • The following striking anecdote recounts the extraordinary presence of mind and determined courage of a celebrated Mahratta hunter named Bussapa.
  • The cars are provided underneath with an extraordinarily strong conical structure, which takes the shock of striking the ground and distributes it over the whole car.
  • Mrs Herring was waiting, dressed in dingy black, a striking contrast to Ada's flaring colours.
  • Nowhere, it is believed, can a more striking illustration of the truth of these pregnant words be found, than in the method adopted by necessitarians.

Definition of Striking

Making a strong impression. | present participle of strike | The act by which something strikes or is struck.
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