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  • Diana stripped of joy.
  • Death has been stripped of its terrors.
  • Later the tree was stripped of its ornaments.
  • Adown the forest stripped of bloom.
  • It has been stripped of all its tarsia-work and sculpture.
  • This trial will show him stripped of all disguise.
  • Your side was stripped of oarage in the blast?
  • She was stripped of self-respect forever.
  • The nails on the wall had been stripped of her garments.
  • It was pure intelligence, stripped of flesh.
  • Ruined, stripped of everything, undermined!
  • He held out his wrists, stripped of skin to the raw flesh.
  • The grass was beaten flat, bushes were stripped of leaves.
  • The palace was now stripped of all portable and useful articles.
  • The mystery was hardly less for being stripped of its gruesome details.
  • The whole city was stripped of everything that might be useful to the enemy.
  • No delusions could live in this land stripped of all conciliatory deception.
  • The human faculty of thought is thereby stripped of its fantastic garb.
  • He sat on a silver throne amid a throng of nobles he had stripped of power.
  • It is a poor ruin now, stripped of the marbles which once made it splendid.
  • Islam, stripped of its theology, is a perfectly simple religion.

How To Use Stripped Of In A Sentence?

  • The room has the general appearance of having been stripped of all personal belongings.
  • It was stripped of this dazzling ornament to satisfy the rapacity of the conquerors.
  • The room had the general appearance of having been stripped of all personal belongings.
  • Then the bird was taken down into the cellar by three of them and stripped of its feathers.
  • She had been stripped of her canvas, and portions of her rigging had been removed.
  • In less than no time we saw the trees under which we were camped stripped of their leaves.
  • Stripped of all its verbiage, it was an assurance that the general report was wrong.
  • The children were in their best, and gardens had been stripped of their flowers.
  • There were no signs of any boats and she seemed to be stripped of both running and standing gear.
  • Wilbur was soon stripped of his coat and the young second mate donned the garment.
  • War would have won us a peace stripped of all the advantages that make peace a blessing.
  • He was exceeding neat in a livery of his old master, which he had stripped of the trimmings.
  • The creature stripped of its skin appears as it was before, without any change of form.
  • The scoundrelly grain-dealer is stripped of all he possesses and sent away to beg in exile.
  • Men and women had been then entirely stripped of their garments, and searched according to rule.
  • This consists of a straight and tall spruce-pine tree, stripped of its branches.
  • Religion is being tested, stripped of sham and embroidery, and reduced to reality.
  • It is like a tree bowed by the wind, and the branch of memory is stripped of its fruit.
  • The house was empty and stripped of anything of value, and of anything without value.
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