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  • Wherefore then strive against him further?
  • And strive to be men.
  • I will not strive since yee will have it so.
  • How foolish it is to strive against my illness!
  • Who strive my love upon the earth to meet!
  • We strive in vain to look beyond the heights.
  • A System strive to overthrow?
  • Thou, Lentulus, strive not to check valiant Ares!
  • Godfrey was rather agitated, and he did not strive to hide it.
  • I will no longer strive to become a famous warrior of your nation.
  • It is our work humbly to strive at producing like beauty with her.
  • We try to be faithful to each other, and strive to be good and true.
  • His second to strive and prevent their union by subtle and well-laid schemes.
  • He must perish if he get that, which he must perish if he strive not after.
  • Now, more than ever, we must strive for an alliance between us.

How To Use Strive In A Sentence?

  • The authors who combine those charms are rare, but we can strive to be among them.
  • Nothing had been too hard or base in his household for those hands to strive with, he knew that.
  • Then they began for to strive for that knight, everych one said they would have him to her love.
  • In vain did he strive to be just and generous, vigilant and charitable, politic and enterprising.
  • Earnest Christian ministers and laymen strive with this misapplication wherever they discover it.
  • I began more and more to strive to win this dainty, innocent, pure-minded girl.
  • Behoves me to be thankefull to his Grace, And strive in virtue to deserve this place.
  • For I, in my old age, strive after that which I was hindered from learning in my youth.
  • In the barren home it's faand; Natur fits it to be poor, An 'twor vain to strive for moor.
  • If he strive not after it he is no better than the brutes, if he get it he is more miserable than the devils.
  • I trow that my saints will watch over me, and that they will give me strength to strive and to overcome.
  • Here they strive for a few days' existence by plucking scanty shoots; here they sicken and die.
  • They strive to know how nature works, and how man can make use of her laws in the growing of plant and animal.
  • And then they began to strive for the lady; for the knight said he would have her, and the dwarf said he would have her.
  • It does grieve me to know that you are so long with this demon; but, pray, strive to keep out of her way.
  • However difficult and dangerous may be the task entrusted to me, I will strive my utmost to fulfil it.
  • And vainly you strive to deter Heaven's vengeance, whose laws you have broken.
  • Therefore, and for that reason alone, I hate you and yours, and will strive against you and yours till the death.
  • Yet, on the other hand, they can be wounded when they strive even with men; accidents happen to them, they require to eat and drink.
  • I must strive to wean myself from everything; if I were only secure that my great sacrifices would bring forth worthy fruits!
  • We shall constantly strive to secure entire harmony, good will, vital brotherhood, among ourselves, and to make our order perpetual.
  • This fault in conversation is the most difficult of all to amend, and it is unfortunately the one to which those who strive to express themselves correctly are peculiarly liable.
  • Yet just such a democratic world-community as we are now beginning in a practical way to understand and strive for, he taught and lived and died for.
  • And in proportion as the parents become educated so that they feel their own limitations, they appreciate education for their children and strive to give it to them.
  • They say, "No private property," and immediately after strive to maintain private property in its daily manifestations.

Definition of Strive

To try to achieve a result; to make strenuous effort; to try earnestly and persistently. | To struggle in opposition; to be in contention or dispute; to contend; to contest. | To vie; to compete as a rival.
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