Strives in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Strives

  • 1. That strives with thee my heart to share? 🔊

  • 2. In vain she strives to hide her gladness. 🔊

  • 3. The body by its own weight strives towards its own place. 🔊

  • 4. As a general rule, man strives to avoid labor. 🔊

  • 5. He strives to get up, and, being up, staggers. 🔊

  • 6. Even at this supreme moment he strives to spare her a passing pang. 🔊

  • 7. It strives after the realization of its Idea; for in unity it exists ideally. 🔊

  • 8. Whence the charm, that strives anew To prolong this last adieu? 🔊

How to use Strives in Sentences?

  • 1. It accomplishes with ease what man strives in vain to do with all his strength. 🔊

  • 2. On the contrary the expression is that of one who seeks help and strives to emancipate himself. 🔊

  • 3. Each new-comer strives to outdo his predecessor in excesses, and horrible scenes ensue. 🔊

  • 4. He who strives against and resists the Church, is he assured that he is in the Church? 🔊

  • 5. Each strives to keep studiously in the background any points of difference between himself and the electing body. 🔊

  • 6. He shapes them precisely as the sculptor fashions the pliable clay with which he strives to bring his ideal to realization. 🔊

  • 7. The only case which advanced him toward the reputation for which every young attorney strives brought him no money at all. 🔊

  • 8. Certain colors attract him, for he sees an affinity between them and the tonal effects he strives to produce. 🔊

  • 9. For no poison is more deadly than that which strives to make one man lose all faith in his fellow-man. 🔊

  • 10. The human being strives after a repetition of what has once caused pleasure, and tries to avoid what has been felt as antipathetic. 🔊

  • 11. It is the organ through which the universal spirit speaks to the individual, and strives to lead back the individual to it. 🔊

  • 12. In our time an inquirer, here or there, strives perhaps to gain for him something of impartial judgment. 🔊