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  • Is the home striving for more than it deserves?
  • With him there was never any striving after effect.
  • Her striving on that occasion was by no means in vain.
  • His striving for truth is to lead him into darkness.
  • Over and over they rolled, each striving to get on top.
  • And so I continued, striving and striving.
  • He was striving to adjust himself to this exceedingly difficult situation.
  • She reclined against the cushion once more, striving not to think.
  • She felt the strenuousness of striving to keep abreast of Hattie.
  • He was striving for some other explanation of the Jew's death.

How To Use Striving In A Sentence?

  • Some show it in their speech by striving to say things that they think especially smart.
  • They began to quarrel and fight, each striving to take from the other his portion.
  • Radwalader slowly opened his eyes, and after a moment seemed striving to speak.
  • However, this study did not at any time permanently affect his vigorous striving after holiness.
  • Yet I seem to have been striving with all my being to get words for the truth of things.
  • Such an age was bound to see in Faust a symbol of human striving for completeness of life.
  • All that winter Anne worked, a little striving creature, with her head held high!
  • Upon a time she believed she had known what fame was; but that had been when she was striving for it.
  • They clipped and hauled to and fro, each striving to break the other's foothold.
  • Hubert spent the afternoon addressing letters to the papers, striving to fan the flame of controversy.
  • Arnold ate mechanically, his thoughts striving in vain to focus themselves upon the immediate question.
  • They shook their heads and jingled their bits, as though striving to throw off some terrifying impression.
  • Neighboring tribes act as hosts in rotation, each striving to outdo the other in the quality and quantity of entertainment offered.
  • But to the young man or young woman who is striving to make the most of himself or herself time is more than money, it is character and usefulness.
  • Men accompanied by their well-starched womenfolk, women striving vainly to control their legions of offspring.
  • We looked with shining eyes at one another and at the various dons who had dropped in and were striving to maintain a front of judicious severity.
  • We are continually striving to obtain by selection and subsequent hybridization, the best chestnuts that can be grown in our severe climate.
  • Swarms of gibbering coolies manned the long sweeps, striving above all to keep their clumsy craft in safe mid-current.
  • For the best worker in the world is the man who works because he wishes to work, and who is always striving to become a better workman.
  • Still rocks piled on rocks faced my wearied eyes, vainly striving to pierce through some chink or cranny into the space behind them.
  • They were on a craggy height, and the Englishman perceived that his antagonist was striving to press him to the edge.
  • The candle sputtered and jumped, as if it were striving mightily to lengthen its golden life if only for another minute; and went out.
  • They are down on their knees, crying like children, when they should be on their feet, working, striving for their fellows.
  • Faster than he had ever raced to a forest fire, the forester sped along the trail, his companions striving doggedly to keep up with him.
  • It tugged and strained at the cord which held it with the strength of a demon, striving to turn on Job and rend him.
  • We survey it, however, without horror, because we know that reason is not unseated there, but striving towards her kingdom.
  • He meant every word he had said, and somehow he felt he was still beyond the barrier, still outside the citadel he was striving to reduce.
  • The two pushed about, Harrigan fiercely striving to break the younger man's hold.
  • He dashed hither and thither, shouting and storming at the men, and striving to get them in order, and to lead them to attack the enemy.
  • Our Extraordinary Commissions shoot landlords, capitalists, and generals who are striving to restore the capitalist order.

Definition of Striving

present participle of strive | Effort; the act of one who strives.
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