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  • The strollers were of two classes, however.
  • Whatever their predilections, they were strollers upon compulsion.

How To Use Strollers In A Sentence?

  • The straits and necessities of the strollers have long been a source of entertainment to the public.
  • But, indeed, the strollers did not hesitate to mangle their author when his stage directions did not accord with their convenience.
  • The suppression of the theatres by the Puritans reduced all the players to the condition of strollers of the lowest class.
  • So the lot of our strollers was but the common lot of all, visitors as well as resident New Yorkers.
  • What secrets the listening leaves are told, As strollers along worn wood-paths pass, And a beautiful blaze is all the wold!

Definition of Strollers

plural of stroller
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