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  • The stronghold where the tyrant comes in vain?
  • Walktown was a stronghold of the Unitarians.
  • Lancashire was the stronghold of Jacobitism.
  • This was the last stronghold of the Mohammedans.
  • Seclude yourselves in the stronghold of My love.
  • Thus fell the great French stronghold on Cape Breton.
  • The capital of the empire was the particular stronghold of the ancient creed.
  • When would he again penetrate the stronghold of that unhappy red city?
  • He went back to the Stronghold after he broke through our lines.
  • They could not have left an Etruscan stronghold in the center of their path.
  • The Sultana had fled, and the stronghold of Kimbengo was no more!
  • In many quarters the stronghold was regarded as a second Port Arthur.
  • This is especially true in Monastir, which is a stronghold of Greek influence.
  • No. 5, Kensington Lane, W., is the stronghold of British respectability.

How To Use Stronghold In A Sentence?

  • She withdrew resolutely into the stronghold of her success, and rose slowly to her feet.
  • Then, having dined, the queen returned to her stronghold with the retinue that she had brought.
  • Hagenbach then proceeded to make a stronghold of Brisac and waited for further action.
  • England, of course, the stronghold of all anti-revolutionary forces, was to be the enemy.
  • Meantime a small party was despatched by the duke to attack the stronghold of Franchimont.
  • He had pressed on from Aquila, and was uneasy about the loyalty of that stronghold in his rear.
  • The South had its last stronghold in San Francisco, and held it, haughty, unconquered, inflexible.
  • His stronghold was not easy to hit upon either, for it was something very like looking in her own pocket.
  • Their untiring zeal, their eloquence and perseverance undermined the stronghold of the Southern lords.
  • The corsair dwelt in his stronghold in insolent defiance of the Knights, whose property it once had been.
  • But she intended when she went back to town in July to capture what was now practically the only remaining stronghold of the disaffected.
  • But perhaps until this morning it has never had a weapon strong enough to attack such a stronghold as the Church with any hope of victory.
  • By promises and flatteries I won over his favourite slave, who enticed him out of his stronghold by night and alone.
  • This stronghold was said to be occupied by the very pink and pith of the Persian forces, in number about fifteen thousand in all.
  • From this stronghold he sallied forth from time to time against the Moors, and forced numbers of them to pay tribute.
  • The men of the Stronghold poured out to take the horses, helping down more than one blood-stained soldier.
  • The fort is old, crumbling, and time-worn, but was once occupied by the buccaneers as a most important stronghold commanding the narrow channel.
  • Then, it never occurred to Michael that he was doing anything remarkable with his little white room in the blackness of the stronghold of sin.
  • The first service on which he was employed after his return to the East was the reduction of the stronghold of Gheriah.
  • Do you forget that the Osmanlis are always loth to relinquish any Hungarian stronghold that they once get possession of?
  • He persisted unweariedly in hurling his golden bomb-shells into the stronghold of Parisian society, and at last the fortress capitulated.
  • Their stronghold on the point of Motuara hath been long deserted; and we found many forsaken habitations in all parts of the sound.
  • This stronghold has certainly in industry proved to be a house of cards, and I think it has proved to be equally a house of cards in religion.
  • Somewhat more than two hundred Christians and more than one hundred Moro women have come from the stronghold during this time.
  • You know the sort of thing; an abrupt, pyramid of craggy rock, crowned with an edifice, half stronghold and half cathedral.
  • Though there have been and still are many admirable exceptions, Brahmanism remained the stronghold of reaction against the Western invasion.

Definition of Stronghold

A place built to withstand attack; a fortress. | (figuratively) A place of domination by, or refuge or survival of, a particular group or idea.
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