Structural in a sentence

Definition of Structural

Of, relating to, or having structure. | Involving the mechanics of construction. | Structural steel, used in construction.

Short Example Sentence for Structural

  • 1. It is a functional not a structural classification.
  • 2. The leading or structural lines are straight and obvious.
  • 3. The structural basis of Music is vibration.
  • 4. Production of Structural Materials.
  • 5. In other structural details there is no noticeable variation.
  • 6. Its structural details are only visible through a microscope.
  • 7. This is a true structural treatment, and is honest in expression also.
  • 8. Ornament is usually an anomaly, added to cover structural defect.
  • 9. The rebuilding of Baltimore required 30,100 tons of structural steel.
  • 10. Introduction to Structural and Systematic Botany and Vegetable Physiology.
  • 11. This is a natural conclusion from Dewey's structural view of reality.

How to use Structural in a Sentence?

  • 1. There are the same structural changes in the evolution of insanity as in that of catarrh.
  • 2. First of all, there was the question of structural alterations to be considered.
  • 3. And it is in this that we find the reason for the structural difference between shale and slate.
  • 4. One especially commended itself to me as a fine structural work of classic character.
  • 5. Now let us look again to the structural conditions involved in diseases of the mind.
  • 6. Of all human legacies, structural weakness of the mental or moral sense is the most unfortunate.
  • 7. In the group over the living-room there has been an ingenious solution of the structural conditions.
  • 8. It is lack of this length which prevents electrolytic damage to masses of structural metal in the earth.
  • 9. It was he who ascertained the vastness of its dimensions, and attempted to delineate its structural configuration.
  • 10. There is, however, a structural difference between the two which is very peculiar and very interesting.
  • 11. This led him to study the whole question of the structural relations of man to the next lower existing forms.
  • 12. They all start from structural weaknesses that are inherited, and they are the evolutionary results of brain-wearying forces.
  • 13. These affect the structural organization of business, the relations of the directing and managing organs to one another.
  • 14. There was nothing of which the framework of a ship could be built, and no way of producing heavy structural steel.
  • 15. And another company has gotten title to a couple of old office buildings and has a gang at work dismantling them for the structural steel.
  • 16. There is a morbid structural basis in minds diseased, the abnormal mentality or morality being merely symptoms of a physical disease.
  • 17. With the structural formula of Harries as a clue chemists all over the world plunged into the problem with renewed hope.
  • 18. At the same time the rhythmic sense is developed, all varieties of touch and dynamics introduced, and harmonic and structural analysis dwelt upon.
  • 19. Manufacturing interests are large, consisting mainly of structural iron, mill machinery, engines and various kinds of bent-wood.
  • 20. This interesting species has most of its structural characters similar to the Plovers, but has more the appearance and habits of the Rails.
  • 21. Hence the necessity of avoiding all sudden and violent movements, on the part of those who have either a functional or structural disease of the heart.
  • 22. The structural consequences of modifications of the developmental rate in fishes, considered in reference to certain problems of evolution.
  • 23. One of these days every structural and functional fact in regard to every living thing will be related to some formula of mathematics more or less general.
  • 24. Irregular clusters consist of aggregations of stars brought promiscuously together, and presenting an appearance devoid of any structural arrangement.
  • 25. His comparison of languages may be compared to the earlier labors of students in comparative anatomy who mistook merely external resemblances for structural homology.
  • 26. By the presence or absence, by the number or the shape of some of these marks or structural characteristics, the type and locality can be easily detected.
  • 27. No case with structural disease of any part of the digestive tract not malignant has yet come under my care in which there has not been a cure, or in which there has not been a cure in sight.
  • 28. There doubtless exists much variety in the structural arrangement of these clusters, and an equal diversity in the magnitude and number of the stars which enter into their formation.
  • 29. Any structural feature that is useful because of its construction is a structural adaptation; and when such adaptations are given the mechanist has for the most part a relatively easy task in his interpretation.