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  • The structure reached for the sky.
  • An obvious and true structure is always pleasant.
  • Aye-aye, its singular structure and habits, 36-38.
  • The structure of such a cord is well shown in Fig.
  • All this great Structure is built of very hard Stone.
  • Many a structure already, have sent the poor girl into exile.
  • This original portion of the structure covers 11,000 square feet.
  • It was a rude structure of logs, and mud had been used to close up the chinks.
  • On a quaint bench, which to that structure old Winds an accordant curve.
  • The earliest structure of this class is, or rather was, at Barcelona.

How To Use Structure In A Sentence?

  • It was a lumbering structure of great width and of strangely disproportionate length.
  • Here there were no rocks nor timber, and so the structure had to be built of adobe mud.
  • The senses interfere everywhere, and mix their own structure with all they report of.
  • We need a few new cornerstones and keystones to stiffen the structure that is building so fast.
  • Each structure was three stories high and was dotted with lines of little windows.
  • It was the most enormous structure in all of Phoride and the other lands on the continent.
  • This was a frail structure set on stilts, but roomy and just the thing for summer occupancy.
  • The whole structure of glowing logs fell down, raising a small turmoil of white ashes and sparks.
  • With this structure in mind, the theory of the magneto generator developed in connection with Fig.
  • Without this healing act the whole structure and validity of international law is forever impaired.
  • The general want which we perceive in modern furniture is simplicity of structure and truthfulness of construction.
  • The whole theoretical side of chemistry is an airy structure of hypotheses such as does not exist in any other science.
  • His discoveries of the structure of molluscous and other animals of the obscurer orders are perhaps eclipsed by his researches in osteology.
  • As he came into view of the gathered multitude, a shout went up that made the concrete structure tremble.
  • The parapeted structure opposite is a modern coal-hole, for which some other place might surely be found.
  • The structure in which the various parts are mounted, referred to as the cabinet, is usually of wood.
  • Botany at first attracted him, and he was one of the earliest to use the microscope in determining the structure of fossil plants.
  • In the interior of that commemorative structure is to be seen a glass case, inclosing a ham still in good preservation.
  • The earth being carefully removed, the remains of a mound-shaped, adobe structure gradually appeared.
  • Every trace of the ancient structure has disappeared, and the square is surrounded by Turkish mosques and houses.
  • The wall type of sectional switchboard is so arranged that the entire structure may be swung out from the wall, as indicated in Fig.
  • From this keel the car is suspended by strong cables, and beneath the car extends a conical structure of steel tubes, with points falling downward.
  • Of all the recent vertebrata, the cartilaginous fishes, or Selachians, have most nearly preserved the form and structure of this primordial skull.
  • Apart from its triteness and emptiness, the paragraph above is weak because of the structure of its sentences, with their mechanical symmetry and sing-song.
  • The structure of the nests of birds affords, perhaps, one of the most agreeable lessons in Natural History.
  • The perfection of detail in the structure and sculpture of Gothic cathedrals may be seen in the cathedrals of Chartres and Amiens.
  • The regularly concatenated and solid structure of normal mind is under abnormal and deranged conditions thrown into disorder, and its constituents are presented in their several isolation.
  • The wind swept through the open end of that ancient structure and lifted it clear from the ground, dropping it a moment later in a thousand different pieces.
  • And sin has arisen, not from any power conferred for that purpose, but from that which constitutes the brightest element in the sublime structure and glory of the moral world.
  • Fundamental alterations have been made in the structure of the leading cotton markets, and in methods of buying and selling cotton, in the last hundred years.

Definition of Structure

(transitive) To give structure to; to arrange. | A cohesive whole built up of distinct parts. | The underlying shape of a solid.
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