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  • Do not struggle between the two.
  • It is a struggle between opposed philosophies of life.
  • The eternal struggle between chaos and order.
  • The struggle between Browning and Merriwell waxed furious.
  • They are well aware that it is a struggle between champions.
  • Is a father to be altogether overlooked in the struggle between the children?
  • Bellshaw watched the struggle between man and horse with absorbing interest.
  • The struggle between analysis and pure geometry has long since come to an end.
  • It was a revolting spectacle to watch, this struggle between mother and child.
  • And now ensues a struggle between man and beast; a struggle sharp but short.
  • The details of the struggle between those two are, of course, important.
  • The terrible struggle between flesh and spirit was done, and the latter rested.
  • It was really, after all, an unequal struggle between feeling and interest.
  • It was now a struggle between him and Antony for first place.
  • The struggle between these victims ceased, however, the moment they went over.
  • Giving a glimpse of the struggle between the editors and the Dutch compositors.
  • This was the beginning of a bitter struggle between Ghent and Philip.
  • It dealt largely with the impending struggle between England and Russia.
  • A struggle between two pairs of Pied Wagtails is worth mentioning.

How To Use Struggle Between In A Sentence?

  • In her mind there was a struggle between her feeling of patriotism and her sense of justice.
  • Instead he watched the struggle between the lad and the young horse he was riding.
  • For a while a great struggle between his heart and his conscience was evident on his face.
  • After that it was a continual struggle between the two children for the coveted seat.
  • But it was not long before the old struggle between the crown and parlements again broke out.
  • There was another brief struggle between the man and his still frightened horse.
  • An instant later they were at it, and the decisive struggle between them had begun.
  • Considered in this light, the end of the struggle between capital and labour is not yet.
  • She shall tell me what is right in the struggle between filial duty and my own better conviction.
  • Fate also took a hand in the struggle between conscience and duty and a sense of honour.
  • No; it was only a struggle between his despairing wretchedness and a lifelong habit of mind.
  • All these ideas were already in the struggle between good and evil; they reappear in remorse.
  • There is an equal struggle between the two opposing forces, and the result is no magnetism.
  • The struggle between right and wrong had begun, but the opposing forces were very unequal.
  • The whole town knew of the struggle between these two families, and watched it with interest.
  • The struggle between his followers and those of Mohammed was a fight to the death.
  • The whole history of Christianity is a continual struggle between realities and illusions.
  • I saw a struggle between his fears and his duty upon the swarthy face of the African.
  • Ofttimes poor John had a hard struggle between duty to his mother and fidelity to wife.
  • When Ramon first encountered him, the game soon simmered down to a struggle between the two.
  • The struggle between Wilson and his opponents was sharp, but the President carried the day.

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