Stub In A Sentence

Definition of Stub

(transitive) To remove most of a tree, bush, or other rooted plant by cutting it close to the ground. | (transitive) To remove a plant by pulling it out by the roots. | (transitive) To jam, hit, or bump, especially a toe.

How To Use Stub In A Sentence?

  • In an instant a huge shadow swept down from the stub and hovered over the sound.
  • The fellow shifted the cigar stub which he gripped with yellow teeth between loose lips.
  • Harvey took his order book from his pocket and stuck his stub of lead pencil in his mouth.
  • The stranger drew from his vest pocket the stub of a soft-leaded pencil about three inches long.
  • He had seen Badger fishing in his right vest pocket for a stub of a pencil awhile before.
  • Just as I told you it's a branch that's been worn off to a stub by this scraping.
  • If, in going visiting, you stub the right toe, you are welcome; if the left, you are unwelcome.
  • He has the stub of his check-book to show that he paid the hotel bill in Boston, April 11, 1889.
  • She was engaged in contemplating with a studiously inexpressive countenance the stub of her precious and only pencil.
  • In the back of the stub occupied by one of the sparrow hawks it was a pleasure to find a flicker excavating its nest.
  • When cancelled, the bills are returned to the book, and again attached to the stub to which they belong.
  • Kelley took a stub of a pencil out of his vest pocket and wrote with great labor on the margin of one of the papers.
  • Although he had sharpened his stub of a knife-blade to a very respectable cutting-edge, it was far too small for the business.
  • With this he severed clean the broken half of the boom, tying the ends of the rigging to the short stub that was left.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Stub | Stub Sentence

  • There was the stub of a cigarette.
  • Winnie ground out the stub of his cigarette.
  • Then the stub book of the certificates of deposit.
  • The commissary card had a stub attached.
  • This time he lighted the stub of a tallow candle.
  • Joe dropped the stub of the match and set his foot on it.
  • He tossed the stub of his cigar towards the fire.
  • He had the stub of a pencil, and the result was a scrawl.
  • Man, you like to sawed that stub in two.
  • You mean I got a little more than the stub tail of the cat?
  • It was sitting on a tall charred stub with food in its beak.
  • Art threw away the stub of the splinter and sat up straight.
  • Then he went down into his blouse pocket and fished out a stub of a pencil.
  • Mac finished smoking and ground the stub into the earth with his heel.
  • He pitched away his stub as if he were casting all that he hated away with it.
  • When finished for the pipe the tobacco resembles a short stub of a cigar.
  • If you stub your toe going into a house, you are not wanted there.
  • He felt in his pockets and found a stub of a pencil and a scrap of paper.
  • I have always disliked the device, but my old stub had to go.
  • If you stub your toe going anywhere, it means a disappointment.
  • The stub of a stale cigar not two inches long was stuffed between his lips.
  • Not far below the squirrel hole the stub of another old limb projected.
  • To burn the stub of a broom or break a sugar-bowl, means a quarrel.
  • Gene Wellington dropped his cigarette stub and stared a moment.
  • Another having a snout-vent length of 16.2 mm. has a tail stub 2 mm.
  • A rusted pan, a pick, and the worn stub of a shovel lay near the stream.

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