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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Stuck Out | Stuck Out Sentence

  • He stuck out his hand.
  • She stuck out her tongue.
  • All stuck out their tongues at him.
  • At the same time he stuck out his tongue.
  • I mocked and stuck out my tongue at him.
  • Jim stuck out for going back.
  • He stuck out a wet hand.
  • One yellow tooth stuck out.
  • Ginger stuck out his chin aggressively.
  • His long sword stuck out from under his cloak.
  • Arms and legs stuck out from heaps of earth.
  • She stuck out her short white foot.
  • He stuck out one of them soft paws of hisn.
  • His ears stuck out on either side of his head.
  • The roll of plans stuck out from his coat pocket.
  • Then he jumped in, and only his head stuck out.
  • A high rocky point stuck out into the sea.
  • Her cross-trees still stuck out when she reached bottom.
  • The Spider rose and stuck out his hand.
  • Maria snorted, stuck out her chin, and left the kitchen.
  • The grains of gold were so big that they stuck out and looked at you!
  • Fred's eyes fairly stuck out with amazement.
  • When all was ready four inches of the lead stuck out of the muzzle.
  • Angling junipers stuck out from the walls in occasional dots of green.
  • I stuck out my tongue at him, but he was too near-sighted to see it.
  • His coat and trousers fluttered rags and his toes stuck out of his boots.
  • A pert little hood stuck out over the driver's seat.
  • Then they all stood even closer together and stuck out their lower lips at him.
  • From the tightly clenched fingers two broken ends of wire stuck out.
  • Defiantly he placed himself in front of the Prince and stuck out his chest.
  • Shelves of rock stuck out above under which I hurriedly walked.
  • He stuck out one muddy hand wherein was clutched a wad of scratch-pad paper.

How To Use Stuck Out In A Sentence?

  • Dick, overflowing with delight as he stuck out both hands at once and grasped theirs.
  • The two men were so surprised when they saw them in the bag that their eyes stuck out.
  • She stuck out her funny stubby little feet for inspection and the girls all laughed.
  • It crawls back and forth three times before the tee with a kind of jeering tongue stuck out.
  • The farmer hastened with all his people to the bog, where the ears and tails still stuck out.
  • Its tall, thin legs were stuck out before and behind like those of a wooden horse.
  • There was a little sapling grew near the tree, and one of its limbs stuck out above her window.
  • He buried the tails and ears of the other six pigs, too, so that part of them stuck out.

Definition of Stuck Out

simple past tense and past participle of stick out

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