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  • But there were some who liked the job and stuck with it.
  • You could stick with him, the way he stuck with you.
  • Hope stuck with 'em to the last.
  • It's stuck with Meldrum.
  • Men show like coarses, for I meet few but are stuck with Rosemary.
  • But you did, Malone, and I'm proud of you, and you're stuck with it.
  • She had, she told Una, "been stuck with a lemon of a husband.

How To Use Stuck With In A Sentence?

  • The old man stuck heroically to his post, and the pig stuck with equal pertinacity to his course.
  • Stuck with bayonets, hit, brutally treated, half-starved, thrown into cattle trucks.
  • A very small piece of the cactus plant should be stuck with cellotape to the plant that needs grafting.
  • He put his leg straight up, and stuck with helmet downward and his bayonet between the paving-stones.
  • The walls were stuck with antlers, and the very handle of the bell-rope was the fore-foot of a stag.
  • The braids of her yellow hair were bound in wreaths, and on one side of her head a saffron crocus was stuck with the bell downward.
  • We stuck with the train into Denver and back home again, and glad we were to retire from gold-mining.
  • He wore a light tweed suit, a light felt hat, tan gloves, tan shoes, and a black necktie stuck with a pearl pin.
  • When they were finally prevailed upon to leave the shoe of Mrs. Capron, they stuck with surprising pertinacity to the glove of her friend.
  • But her calculations had been slightly at fault; the locust was too fat to go in, and there he stuck with his head and shoulders in the hole and his body in the air.
  • The words stuck with Mr. Huntly as they stuck with every full-grown man and woman in the country outside the narrow circle of temperance advocates.
  • There, peering in, stood Mrs. Petley, who had stuck with her husband to Rupert during his troubles.
  • His old hat stuck with never-withering green, His flute in poke, and little singings sweet Coming from birds that flutter at his feet.
  • Another sport was one similar to pigsticking as it is practised in India, except that instead of pigs native women and children were stuck with the lances.
  • As the American plane crossed the border, it was picked up by an escort of Russian fighter craft, which stuck with them all the way into Moscow.
  • Roused to indignation by this cold-blooded course, the local unions of engineers, almost without exception, repudiated their international misleaders and stuck with the rest of the steel workers.
  • Three rows of chevaux-de-frise, composed of immense beams of timber bolted and fastened together and stuck with iron spikes, were sunk across the channel, and these lines were protected by batteries.
  • The sleek merchants wore gorgeously embroidered costumes, and behind them were women of their own race, dressed plainly in the national garb, their stiff oiled hair stuck with long pins lobed with glass.
  • Gloves were, as they are now, always an acceptable present, but to those who were not overburdened with this world's goods an orange stuck with cloves was deemed sufficient for a New Year's gift.
  • Paid the entrance fee all in dimes, as the door-keeper couldn't read the Counterfeit Detector, and wouldn't take bills for fear he would get stuck with bad money.
  • He had on his head an immense fur cap, and wore a short, full frock of a dark shade, secured at the waist by a broad belt, stuck with large, heavy pistols of the kind known, at the period, as the hand-harquebuss.
  • Beekstein and Gumbo Binks been laying around as waste material and the whole house kicking because we've been stuck with two midnight-oilers.
  • The farmer who was a friend of Jimmy Clark's was a sheepherder and he was stuck with a flock of sheep way out an the prairie with no feed for the animals.
  • These tears were formerly stuck with adhesive plaster to the cheeks of the bereaved, and were worn in public for a few months after the death of a relative; they were then banished to the hat or bonnet, and are now no longer worn.
  • The reason of this we soon saw; for we found them at their habitations, all dressed and dressing, in their very best, with their hair combed and oiled, tied up upon the crowns of their heads, and stuck with white feathers.
  • Bell was badly gashed in the face, but stuck with his Lewis gun until dark when he could be relieved, being the only one in the shattered blockhouse which held the bridge across the small stream separating us from the Bolos.
  • Thus loaded with the earthly corruptions and loathsome pollutions of man, the round bands of the fresh, green trees, thickly stuck with zigzag white paper hangings, at the end of the day are taken to running water and washed thoroughly or more commonly committed to the sea.
  • Put the pieces into a soup-pot with four whole onions stuck with a few cloves, four or five blades of mace, a head of celery cut small, and a bunch of parsley with a large sprig of sweet marjoram and one of sweet basil, all tied together.
  • The only colour is given by the fan-like plants of the prickly-pear, whose flat, thick-lipped, pear-shaped leaves, stuck with thorns, and often extruding their reddish fruit from the edge, lend a dull green to the scene.
  • Ikey had brought him as a lad into the country where he had made his name; Ikey had given him his chance; to Ikey for twenty-five years now he had stuck with unswerving devotion, in spite of temptation manifold, often-repeated, and aggravated.
  • The former camp no sooner had been left than the tenderfeet began to show their predilection to do as they pleased and to ride madly over the prairie in search of game which was not there, finally gravitating to a common body a mile or more ahead of the wagons, a place to which they stuck with a determination worthy of better things.
  • This should simmer for five hours, together with a little salt, a dozen white peppercorns, one or two small onions stuck with cloves, according to taste, a slice or two of lean ham, and a little shred of celery and a carrot (if in season) in a quart of water.
  • I had to force it for the reason that, though I was now theoretically exculpated from the charge under which I had lain, slander always sticks, and some of it still stuck with Miss Soames in spite of her efforts to forget it.

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